The Energizer Hard Case P28K Battery Lasts Over 90 Days

Yet another device has been making headlines from the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelon. Avenir Telecom, operating under the Energizer brand license, introduced the Hard Case P28K smartphone. This device has a 28,000mAh battery, which could be the largest ever for a smartphone.

“This battery will deliver up to a week of battery life on regular use with a single charge,” claims Avenir Telecom. The European company asserts that this innovation caters to users in regions plagued by unreliable power supplies, as well as those in demanding industries such as construction​​.

As mch as the Hard Case P28K carries power; it’s also designed to last in other ways. With an IP68 rating, the smartphone promises resistance to dust and water, making it a reliable companion for outdoor and rugged environments.

It also holds a 6.78-inch display and a triple rear camera setup, making sure that practicality meets modern smartphone features​​.


How Does it Compare?


The Energizer Hard Case P28K stands out not just for its battery size but also for its dimensions and weight. At 27.8mm thickness and weighing 570 grams, it is considerably more substantial than typical smartphones.

However, this heft and bulk might deter the average consumer looking for a sleek and light device. The phone also features a Helio G99 4G processor, indicating that while its battery life is revolutionary, other specifications, such as connectivity, align with mid-range smartphones. The storage capacity stands at a respectable 256GB, accommodating most users’ needs​​.


And Who is it For?


Avenir Telecom suggests that the Energizer Hard Case P28K is aimed at users in areas with poor electricity infrastructure and professionals in heavy-duty industries.

“The phone is meant for countries where regular power supply is an issue,” the company notes, highlighting the practical applications of such a large battery in real-world scenarios​​.

Also, the substantial battery life is great for avid travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Imagine going camping for a week without having to worry about your phone dying.

This device enables extended use without the constant need for recharging, providing peace of mind for users on the go or in remote locations​​.


When Can We Expect It, And For How Much?


The Energizer Hard Case P28K is set to hit the market in October, with a starting price of €250, which is roughly around £214. This price point is surprisingly affordable, considering the unique selling proposition of unprecedented battery life.

“It’s effectively a power bank attached to an Android phone,” mentions an observer, highlighting the dual functionality of the device​​​​.

However, it’s important to note that previous models with large batteries announced by Avenir Telecom have not reached the consumer market. This history casts a shadow of doubt on the actual release of the P28K. Potential buyers may remain skeptical until the product officially launches and becomes available for purchase​​.