Tecno Mobile Unleashes A New Robotic Dog: The Dynamic 1

The Mobile Word Congress 2024 held in Barcelona was where Tecno Mobile showed off their Dynamic 1, which is a robotic dog that combines AI and robotics. Designed to mirror the German Shepherd, the Dynamic 1 showcases advanced technology enabling it to perform dog-like movements such as climbing stairs, bowing, and even shaking hands.

“The Dynamic 1 has been meticulously crafted to replicate a real dog’s movements as closely as possible,” Tecno Mobile announced, showcasing the robot’s capability to respond to audio prompts through its four microphones and AI algorithm.


How Does the Dynamic 1 Work?


The Dynamic 1 is powered bu am 8-core ARM CPUT, with an AI HyperSense Fusion System which ensures smooth and corrected mobility when walking. It has an Intel RealSense S430 depth camera, dual optical and infrared sensors that help it go around different obstacles and to recover when it falls.

The robot dog has 64GB of internal storage, as well as wifi and bluetooth, along with other smartphone app controls. “Humans have long been fascinated with robot dogs,” Tecno Mobile adds, basically speaking on how the Dynamic 1 could serve as a companion for those unable to own real pets.


Dynamic 1’s Improvements That Need Fixing


Despite its innovative design and capabilities, the Dynamic 1 has its limitations, primarily its battery life. With a 15,000mAh battery, it runs for about 90 minutes before needing a recharge. However, its modular design allows for quick battery swaps, extending playtime with minimal downtime.

This first generation of AI-powered robotic dogs may face bugs and adoption challenges, but it represents a significant step towards integrating robotics into daily life. “We love dogs so much that we idealise having an immortal metal version of them,” Tecno Mobile notes, acknowledging the potential for robotic pets to offer companionship in new ways.


What Else Did Tecno Announce?


In addition to the Dynamic 1, Tecno also showed the Pocket Go wireless AR gaming set at MWC, showcasing their expansion into the gaming and augmented reality sector. The Pocket Go pairs with AR glasses, providing an immersive gaming experience with its micro-OLED screen and adjustable diopter settings.

This innovative combo, lighter and more compact than its competitors, demonstrates Tecno’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. “Tecno’s Pocket Go and AR Pocket Vision introduce a unique combination not seen before,” the company stated, highlighting its efforts to blend gaming with reality through advanced technology.

This Dynamic 1 isn’t set to be released commercially as of yet. Future users wait in excitement and anticipation as Tecno creates a development that can redefine completely how we interact with tech as a whole. The company aims to showcase its innovative spirit and explore new forms of smart home entertainment, assistance, education, and training.

“The Dynamic 1 is the perfect pet-like companion of the future,” Tecno Mobile asserts, envisioning a world where technology enhances our daily lives in multifaceted ways.