Essentials for Your Car in 2020

As the new year settles, many will be wondering how they can better their driving experiences. Luckily, there are a multitude of car items that you can spend your  money on. Ranging from spare tyres and car trackers, (which can be bought from companies such as Fit My Tracker) all the way through to travel games and chargers, here is a list of the must-haves for this year’s travels.

Safety Features

GPS Tracker: There are multiple reasons why a driver should invest in a tracker. Firstly, a tracker will notify you if your car ever moves without you inside it – this is particularly helpful with theft rates at an all-time high. Secondly, your distances and speeds covered are reported back to you so you can weigh up your driving experiences. Thirdly, if your child has a car tracker, you can always see their whereabouts due to real-time tracking and geofencing, allowing peace of mind for both yourself and your child.

Warning triangle: A reflective warning triangle is the best method to let oncoming cars know that you are stationary. Many people decide to put their hazard lights on to do this, but if your car’s battery had died then this will not be possible. If you carry two triangles, they can be placed at the front and back of your car to guarantee fellow drivers are aware that you have broken down.

De-icer and an ice scraper: Icy conditions are the worst to drive in. Your braking speed is multiplied by ten when driving on ice – this is made even worse if you are struggling to see through the windscreen. Therefore, leaving de-icer and an ice scraper in the car allows you to make sure your windscreen is as clear as possible.

High-vis vest: If you have to leave your car and walk near fellow drivers, a high-vis vest is essential if you want to be seen. Also, it is the law in some European countries to carry a high-vis vest with you when driving.

Water and Food: When on long journeys, it is easy to become tired. However, refreshments will provide you with added energy to complete your journey. Also, water can be used to top up your car’s radiator if the meter goes low.

Maintenance Features

Spare Tyre: It is very important to carry a spare tyre with you. If you buy a car without a spare tyre, make sure to buy one as soon as possible as you may need one when in the middle of nowhere. It is important to know how to change your tyre as it only takes one small moment for a tyre to be damaged.

Tyre Jack: If you have a spare tyre, it is pointless without having a tyre jack. Keep one with you at all times in case a tyre needs changing.

Car Manual: Although you can google everything that is stated in the manual, you may break down in a location with no signal. If you keep a user manual in your glove box, you will be guaranteed to be able to solve any issue wherever your car may be.

Spare Fuel Can: Running out of fuel happens to almost every driver. Luckily, if you carry a fuel can with you then you can walk to the nearest petrol station and fill it up.

Comfort and Leisure

AUX Cable: Long journeys can be very tiring and boring. However, if you use an AUX cable to plug your phone in, you can listen to all of your favourite songs and sing along. Just make sure to drive safely and to not touch your phone.

USB Charger: The fact that drivers are so dependent on using maps on their phone means that a USB charger is essential for all drivers. No matter how short or long your journey, a charger will ensure you get to your destination as safely and as quickly as possible.

Travel Games: Nobody likes a long drive, but none less so than children. If you’re driving with the kids in back, bring some travel games to provide them with entertainment throughout the journey. Just make sure to not let them distract you from you driving.