First FemTech Trend Forecasting Agency Launches

Ultra Violet Futures: The first FemTech trend forecasting agency launches in London.


Ultra Violet Futures


Last week, the world’s first FemTech trend forecasting agency; Ultra Violet Futures, launches in London. Founded by FemTech vetran Anna Butterworth and innovative Future Forecaster Rhiannon Jones. Ultra Violet Futures uses forecasting methodology to empower brands and investors to not only envisage but define the future of this category.


FemTech, originally coined in 2016, is currently billed to reach a market value of over $1.073TR by 2026 (FemTech Focus) and yet this burgeoning market is currently only being treated as an after thought by traditional trend agencies. As the first specialised trend forecasting agency in this space Ultra Violet Futures is uniquely positioned to harness intimate industry knowledge and experience to provide insightful and, most importantly, accurate forecasts within the now thriving field.


Ultra Violet will deliver market landscape forecasts, future consumer mindsets, product trend analysis and future brand strategy to brands and businesses across a range of sectors. The impact of innovation in women’s and marginalised health reaches far beyond FemTech itself.  Ultra Violet endeavours to educate and inform a range of businesses across every category from health to fashion and food to construction, on the benefits of understanding emerging attitudes in this sector. Positioned as a full service agency the Ultra Violet team will also offer workshops and training in future forecasting and innovation methodology.

Recognition for FemTech


Anna Butterworth, co-Founder and Director of Ultra Violet Futures says: “For years FemTech has been touted as ‘niche’ but everyone, the world over, is impacted by women’s and marginalised health, by maternal technologies and wellbeing innovations. The industry has been crying out for a collective like ours that brings together dedicated forecasters with specific market knowledge, personal contacts and intimate understanding, to execute a strong vision for the future of this category. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to be honest!”


Ultra Violet Futures launches in London to service businesses across the world. As the world’s first trend forecasting agency focused on FemTech, the founders Anna Butterworth and Rhiannon Jones are available for pitch tenders, commissions and workshops.


About Ultra Violet Futures Founders


Anna Butterworth is a FemTech pioneer, starting out her career in PR.Landing at Elvie in 2015 she was the first communications hire and grew the brand across 60+ territories leading the way in FemTech marketing strategy.

Since branching out to create the world’s first FemTech focused creative agency Ultra Violet, she has worked with many global disrupters and consistently breaks barriers; from securing the first live televised feature from a woman’s vagina (ITV This Morning), producing the very first inclusive sex chat show Private Parts (Venus Libido X WowTech) or curating the first above the line ad campaign on Oxford Street for period pants (Thinx launch in Selfridges).


Rhiannon Jones is a natural born future forecaster, in touch with the zeitgeist and able to translate cultural signals into meaningful future scenarios. Her passion lies in connecting innovative brands with a future consumer hungry for change, creating bespoke solutions for her clients.


Rhiannon draws on an extensive toolkit of forecasting methodologies, using these in her work to shape the future strategies of global brands across the fashion, FMCG and women’s healthcare industries, such as Superdry, HelloFresh, Mattel, Philips and Moonpig.


Since cutting her teeth in the world of futures, Rhiannon trained as a professional coach, deepening her propensity to challenge organisational thinking with respect and sensitivity, promote divergent thinking and bring trends to life through workshops and 121 futures consultations.