Functional Drinks Brand Purearth Reports 254% Sales Uplift Since Lockdown

Purearth (the UK’s leading brand for Water Kefir, organic juices and cleanses), has reported a 254% sales increase and double the number of customer orders since the pandemic started. Overall, order numbers are up by over 320% year-on-year.

The brand, which has long upheld the belief that the key to a strong immune system is a healthy gut, has also seen more customers citing immunity benefits as a key consideration in their purchasing decisions. Visitors to the website has more than doubled versus the same period last year. The demand for products with immunity boosting properties is set to continue with COVID-19 cases rising (and fears of a second wave rife) as more people than ever are taking steps to improve their gut-health and live a healthier lifestyle.

Gut-health has a huge impact on how we feel: it contributes to heart health, smooth digestion, sleep and even mood as it helps increase serotonin levels, which is the hormone that boosts happiness. Purearth’s product portfolio is rooted in gut-loving products that ensure customers feel good, inside out.  From the Revival Pack to the Immunity Reboot Cleanse, its selection of cleanses, shots and Water Kefirs help to replenish and restore the mind and body. This can be attributed to the fact that Purearth sold four times more Water Kefir in April/May/June versus the preceding three months.

Tenna Anette, co-founder of Purearth, says “The pandemic has led many to review their lifestyle and seek out gut-loving and immunity boosting ingredients to help strengthen their immune system. At Purearth we ensure that every ingredient used has a purpose and a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. In the current climate, the need to nourish our bodies has never been more pertinent.”