George Osborne Joins Coinbase Board: What Other Politicians Have Shifted To Big Tech?

Coinbase has recently announced that George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, is joining their Coinbase Global Advisory Council. The Advisory Council was established to advise Coinbase on their global expansion strategy.

Having recently secured licenses in France, Spain, Singapore, and Bermuda, as well as 20 African nations, Coinbase is making big moves on the global stage.

Faryar Shirzad, Chief Policy Officer at Coinbase, said: “We are pleased to have George join our council at an exciting time for us in the UK and globally. George brings with him a wealth of experience in business, journalism and government.  We look forward to relying on his insights and experiences as we grow Coinbase around the world.”

Speaking on the announcement, George Osborne said; “There’s a huge amount of exciting innovation in finance right now. Blockchains are transforming financial markets and online transactions. Coinbase is at the frontier of these developments. I look forward to working with the team there as they build a new future in financial services.”

Whilst it may seem unusual that a politician is advising a global tech company, it seems that the move isn’t so unique. In fact, as reported by Politico in their recent roundup, here are 5 people that transitioned from politics to tech.


Nick Clegg: From Deputy PM To Meta


Nick Clegg served as the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK from 2010 to 2015, as leader of the Liberal Democrats during a coalition government. Post-politics, Clegg joined Facebook, now Meta as Vice President for Global Affairs and Communications.

In this role, he oversees global policy making and communications for one of the world’s largest social media companies.



Samuel Barratt: From Lib Dem Comms To Amazon


Samuel Barratt, another notable figure from the Lib Dem party is now a big name in the world of politics and tech. After working in the Liberal Democrats’ communications team for a number of years, he worked his way up to becoming the party’s Director of Communications.

Transitioning to the tech industry in 2021, Barratt is now Amazon’s Senior Corporate Communications Policy Manager. There, he oversees the company’s reputational management, both within government and also in wider business press.


Ben Rathe: From Press Secretary To TikTok


Ben Rathe made his move from politics to big tech in 2020. Always interested in policy, Rathe graduated with a degree in History and Politics.

Before joining TikTok, Rathe served as an adviser to Nick Clegg, before going on to act as press secretary to the Lib Dem party leader in 2019.

With a host of experience in the communications industry and a significant understanding of the inner workings of UK policy, he started his career at TikTok as the UK Policy and Safety Communications Lead before advancing to Global Safety and Political Communications Lead in the US.


Sue Beeby: From The Conservative Party To OnlyFans


With an extensive career in both communications and politics, Sue Beeby made the leap from the ranks of the conservative party to OnlyFans.

After joining as a press officer in 2006, Sue went on to be a special advisor within the party – covering the department of health and DCMS. She then went on to work as press secretary to George Osborne, totalling 10 years within the party.

Since 2022, Beeby has moved into communications at OnlyFans, where she now holds the esteemed role of CCO (chief communications officer).


Michaela Neild: From Labour To Google


After getting a degree in Politics from Cardiff University, Michaela went on to work for the labour party for nearly 5 years. Having climbed the ranks from being a political officer to Senior Policy Advisor, she then transitioned into the world of big tech.

Now, Neild works as Google’s Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, advising the company on how best to engage political entities and safeguard the company against new regulations.

Sources: Politico, Linkedin