10 French Startups To Watch In 2024

France, famous for its rich cultural heritage, good taste and exquisite cuisine, is also home to a vibrant and innovative startup landscape.

In recent years, the French tech scene has been bustling with new ideas and disruptive innovations. As the world embraces the digital age, these companies are not just shaping the future but are also addressing global challenges. From revolutionising financial management for small and medium-sized enterprises to advancing the frontiers of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, these startups are redefining industries.

As we step into 2024, we look at 10 French startups that are set to make waves in the tech world, each offering a unique approach to solving modern challenges.


1. Payflows: Automated Treasury Solutions


Payflows - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Founded by visionary entrepreneurs, Payflows is on a mission to revolutionise treasury management for mid-sized companies. With financial structures often relying on manual processes, Payflows brings automation, real-time insights, and detailed forecasting capabilities to finance teams.

By providing access to sophisticated financial products traditionally reserved for larger enterprises, Payflows is empowering businesses to manage their finances efficiently and strategically.


2. Dfns: Pioneering Cybersecurity for the Web3 Era


Dfns Launches First Biometric Crypto Wallet Infrastructure


Dfns, a Paris-based cybersecurity startup founded in 2020, is carving a niche in the rapidly evolving world of web3 applications. Their main product is a custody SaaS protocol designed to secure cloud-based crypto transactions. By targeting blockchain risks and vulnerabilities, Dfns aims to make these transactions not only more secure but also faster and more cost-effective.

The company has attracted significant interest, securing over 100 registered companies. Dfns’s developer-friendly API and innovative keyless wallet generation process demonstrate their commitment to enhancing blockchain security. This forward-thinking approach has led to a substantial €13.82 million in funding, underscoring their potential in the cybersecurity landscape​​.


3. Filigran: Cybersecurity for Businesses


Filigran Blog


In the era of increasing cyber threats, Filigran takes centre stage by providing cyber threat intelligence, knowledge subsystems, and crisis response solutions to cybersecurity teams globally.

Their expertise in analysing and combating cyber threats is invaluable, ensuring the digital safety of businesses and individuals.


4. Figures: Equity in Compensation


Figures x Par equity


Figures addresses a critical issue faced by businesses today: compensation fairness. Their platform allows companies to analyse the fairness of their compensation packages and benchmark them with competitors.

Originally designed for startups and young HR teams, Figures has become a reference point for scaleups and corporates striving to correct inequities and attract top talent.

5. Lifeaz: Revolutionising Emergency Response with Accessible Defibrillators


Forma Santé - Lifeaz -


Lifeaz is redefining emergency medical care with its innovative defibrillator, designed for widespread and accessible use in non-traditional settings like offices and homes. What sets Lifeaz’s product apart is its remote monitoring capability, ensuring each unit remains fully operational and ready for emergencies. This proactive approach to maintenance is coupled with comprehensive first aid training for clients, broadening the scope of emergency preparedness.

Lifeaz’s initiative addresses a critical gap in emergency healthcare, making life-saving technology readily available in everyday environments, potentially transforming how cardiac emergencies are managed outside of medical facilities.

6. TreeFrog: Stem-Cell Manufacturing


TreeFrog Therapeutics I iPS-derived cell therapies I Cell Therapy for all


TreeFrog Therapeutics, based in Bordeaux, focuses on overcoming the manufacturing bottlenecks in cell therapy. Their innovative biomimetic cell culture platform, C-Stem, enables the mass production of high-quality stem-cell derived therapies.

By addressing challenges related to cost, safety, and efficiency, TreeFrog Therapeutics opens the door to transformative cell therapies across various medical fields.


7. Kiro: AI in Clinical Biology



Kiro, Cutting-Edge Digital Medicine Company, Raises €13.8 Million in Series a Funding Led by Sofinnova Partners



Kiro, an AI-powered digital health platform, is redefining the landscape of clinical biology. By offering real-time decision support tools to doctors and simplifying lab test interpretations for patients, Kiro enhances the healthcare experience.

With its innovative approach, Kiro aims to bridge the gap between medical professionals and patients, making healthcare more accessible and understandable.

8. Egle Therapeutics: Immunotherapy for Cancer


egle - Modulating Treg Cells to Balance Immunity


Egle Therapeutics, a spinout from Institut Curie, is at the forefront of immunotherapy research. By targeting immune suppressor regulatory T-cells, Egle Therapeutics aims to revolutionise cancer and autoimmune disease treatments.

Their innovative approach harnesses the potential of T-cells to balance immunity, offering new hope to patients with unmet medical needs.


9. Sweetch Energy: Harnessing Nature’s Power to Combat Climate Change


Sweetch - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Sweetch Energy is a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector, leveraging the natural interaction between sea saltwater and fresh river water to generate electricity. Their groundbreaking technology is not just a theoretical concept but a practical solution, attracting the attention of major energy companies like EDF. This innovative approach embodies the transition from fundamental laboratory science to scalable, real-world applications, offering a promising avenue in the fight against climate change.

Sweetch Energy exemplifies how harnessing natural processes can provide sustainable energy solutions, potentially reshaping how we approach renewable energy on a global scale.


10. Fizimed: Pelvic Health Innovators


Smart health solutions for women of all ages - Fizimed


Fizimed specialises in technology-driven solutions for women’s pelvic floor health, providing devices and applications to improve pelvic floor strength and prevent related issues.

Distributed internationally, Fizimed’s innovative products empower women to prioritise their well-being, promoting pelvic health awareness worldwide.

These 10 startups exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in France. With their ground-breaking solutions and visionary approaches, they are set to shape the future of various industries. Keep an eye on these trailblazing companies as they continue to redefine the tech landscape in 2024 and beyond.


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