Google Bard Can Now Link To Your Other Google Apps

Google’s conversational AI, Bard, has received a series of updates, making it even more useful. “Bard now integrates with Google apps and services for more helpful responses,” according to the company’s latest announcement.

With Bard Extensions, it can now find and display information from Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights. In other words, Bard has become a one-stop-shop for your Google activities.

For instance, if you’re planning a holiday to the Grand Canyon, you can ask Bard to collect the dates that work for everyone in your group from Gmail, then find real-time flight and hotel information.

It doesn’t stop there: Bard will even locate Google Maps directions to the airport and recommend YouTube videos about activities to do at the destination.

Double-Check Bard’s Responses

The update also comes with a nifty feature, enabling users to double-check Bard’s responses using the “Google it” button. If you click the icon, Bard will cross-reference its reply with content across the internet, marking phrases with supporting or contradicting information.

According to Martyn Landi, PA Technology Correspondent, this feature aims to “check the response against linked Google search results and highlight passages it is confident about.”

Privacy Matters

The company reassures users about the safety of their personal data. “If you choose to use the Workspace extensions, your content from Gmail, Docs and Drive is not seen by human reviewers, used by Bard to show you ads or used to train the Bard model,” states the official announcement.

You can control your privacy settings and disable these extensions at any time.


Building on Shared Conversations

The Bard chatbot now also allows users to build upon existing conversations. If someone shares a Bard chat through a public link, you can pick up from where they left off, ask additional questions, or use it as a starting point for your own dialogue with Bard.

More Languages Supported

Previously available only in English, Bard has broadened its reach by supporting more than 40 languages for its existing features. This means you can now upload images with Lens, receive image searches in your responses, and even alter Bard’s replies in multiple languages.

Critics and Advocates Speak Up

Though Bard offers creative ability, some critics argue that this technology can also spread misinformation. Google addresses this concern by running a separate search to back up the chatbot’s suggestions.

“Information that matches Bard’s suggestions gets highlighted in green, while sentences contradicted by other data sources get a dark orange highlight,” explains Jack Krawczyk, the head of product for Bard.

Why the Investment in Bard?

The updates to Bard signify Google’s commitment to push generative AI tools like Bard into more of their products. Krawczyk states, “People are still learning,” and that might be the reason why companies are investing heavily in developing these technologies.

Bard has evolved to become more than just a simple chatbot. With its new Extensions, “Google it” button, and added privacy features, it’s gearing up to be an indispensable tool for Google users. Whether you need help with trip planning, job applications, or simply browsing the internet, Bard can now assist you more effectively.