Google Pay App Will No Longer Be Available In The US. Here’s What To Do

Google has recently announced that they will be discontinuing the Google Pay app in States this year. With this, users will start to transition to Google Wallet for their digital payment needs. Even with this change, the fundamental features of making in-store and online payments will remain unchanged, so users can continue their transactions seamlessly.


What Does This Mean for Current Google Pay Users?


For those currently using Google Pay in the US, it’s essential to note the key dates and changes. Until June 4, 2024, users can manage their Google Pay balance within the app, including viewing and transferring funds to their bank accounts. After this date, these actions will move to the Google Pay website.

“Manage your Google Pay balance from the Google Pay app until June 4,” notes the official announcement, placing emphasis on the transition period for users to adjust.

Peer-to-peer payments will also see a change; from June 4, 2024, sending, requesting, or receiving money through the U.S. version of the Google Pay app will no longer be possible.

For those concerned about existing deals and offers, the app will no longer showcase these from today, although any previously activated deals will honour their regular reward timelines.

What Alternatives and Features Will Be Available?


Google Wallet will become the primary platform for digital payments for US users, incorporating features for tap-to-pay in stores, managing payment cards, and storing digital items such as transit cards and IDs. “Google Wallet continues to be the primary place for people to securely store payment cards used for tap and pay in stores,” Google explained, highlighting the app’s broader usage compared to Google Pay in the US.

For international money transfers, such as those made with Wise from the U.S. to India or Singapore, users will need to transition to other platforms as these features will not be available in the app post-June 4, 2024. However, users’ Wise accounts will remain unaffected and accessible through


How Should Users Prepare for the Transition?


Users are encouraged to download the latest version of the Google Wallet app for Android to ensure a smooth transition. Those with questions about the changes or needing assistance with transferring their Google Pay balance can find more information on the Google Pay website. “We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible,” Google stated, reassuring users of their ongoing support throughout this change.

In addition to Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet offers an alternative for Galaxy smartphone users, enabling storage and use of credit/debit cards, membership cards, travel tickets, and more for mobile payments at stores.