Google Podcasts No Longer Available Globally By End Of July

Google Podcasts’ time is coming to an end. The plan will eventually become effective globally, but for now, it’ll be for US users in April. On a March 18 blog post, a Google employee, Cory Peter, announced all the key dates for this change, and detailed the strategies both platforms have for podcasts going forward.


What Will Happen To Podcasters And Listeners?


This is not entirely bad as this is part of a plan to centralise Google’s podcasting channels.

With the discontinuations, users are encouraged to transition their podcast subscriptions to YouTube. Another plus, is that users can tap into YouTube Music’s cool features, such as the option for downloads, and many others.

The best part is that YouTube Music offers these functionalities without requiring a paid membership in most regions, making it an attractive platform for both podcast listeners and creators.


What Are The Key Dates?


April 2, 2024: Google Podcasts will become unavailable for users in the US.
June 24, 2024: It will then be discontinued for all users worldwide.
July 29, 2024: Finally, Podcasts Manager will no longer be accessible.


How Can You Migrate Your Podcasts?


Migrating your podcasts from Google Podcasts to YouTube is a simple process, thanks to tools and instructions provided by Google. Here are the steps podcast listeners and creators should follow:


For Podcast Listeners:


Migration Tool: Google’s migration tool simplifies the process of transferring your podcast subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music. This tool will be accessible through a banner within the Google Podcasts app.

Export Options: If you prefer using a different podcast app, the tool also allows you to export your subscriptions as an OPML file, which can be uploaded to any podcast app supporting this format.

YouTube Music Features: Once migrated, listeners can enjoy podcasts on-the-go with background play and offline downloads. YouTube Music’s integration with Google Assistant further enhances accessibility, especially in cars and on wearable devices.



For Podcast Creators:


RSS Feed Uploads: Podcasters can upload their shows to YouTube using existing RSS feeds through YouTube Studio, ensuring a seamless transition and continued accessibility for their audience.

Engaging New Audiences: Migrating to YouTube opens up new avenues for audience engagement, thanks to YouTube’s user base and enhanced discovery features.


Benefits Of Migrating To YouTube Music


Migrating to YouTube Music will give you continued access to favourite podcasts while also introducing users to a new set of features:

Seamless Audio-Video Switching: Listeners can easily toggle between audio and video formats of podcasts.

Enhanced Discovery: YouTube Music’s discovery features help users find new podcasts aligned with their interests.

Community Engagement: YouTube’s platform allows for greater interaction between podcasters and their audience, creating a stronger community.


The initial announcements were made on September 26 last year by both Google Podcasts and YouTube, on their blog post pages. YouTube expressed excitement saying, “For listeners, we’re combining the world of music they already love with podcasts delivered by their favorite creators and artists. And for podcast creators, this means boosting audience growth across audio and video formats.”

All in all, YouTube’s existing podcast library and audience means that the migration won’t be one that inconveniences both listeners and podcasters. It’ll be exciting to see how this new avenue will grow YouTube’s audience further.