Gousto’s 250 New Tech Jobs For Even More Dinners On The Table

Gousto creates 250 new tech jobs to accelerate market leadership in dinnertime choice.


Gusto Announces 250+ Tech Jobs


Leading recipe box provider Gousto has announced that it will create at least 250 full-time high-skilled technology jobs in London, by the end of 2022.

Doubling its tech team every year since 2019, the ‘Tech Unicorn’ will boast a tech workforce of nearly 500, spanning artificial intelligence, software engineering, data science, and design. 

This investment in technology and increased focus on data and AI will further accelerate the company’s position as the global market leader in mealtime choice, whilst enabling increased levels of personalisation for customers. 

Today, over half (54%) of Gousto orders are provided by AI through Gousto’s unique recommendation engine – the highest since its conception.


Accelerating Leadership in Choice


This announcement comes as Gousto increases its weekly recipe options from 50 to 60 and expands its total offering to over 3,000 meals from 44 regions across the world, including dishes such as the Fragrant Thai Green Prawn Noodle Soup and the Meat-Free Mince Keema Naan With Cucumber Raita. Customers can also customise their recipes, resulting in more than 370,000 potential box combinations per week.  

Thanks to the technology growth, soon Gousto customers will be able to choose from hundreds of weekly recipes from their menu. 

These examples of product enhancement are informed by the recipe box’s data which reveals variety is a key driver for its target customers, with 80% looking for world cuisines at dinner, and 83% prioritising experimenting with new recipes. This year, recipes tagged on the Gousto menu as ‘new’ have proven 66% more popular than already existing recipes. 

Leveraging its leadership in choice, whilst addressing the needs of travel hesitant Brits, Gousto is launching ‘Flavourlust’ in the Capital – a fully immersive two-day travel and food event, serving culinary experiences to travel starved Brits, exclusively from out-of-reach red list countries (India, Brazil, and Thailand). 

The event supported by DJ Nick Grimshaw and Gousto Ambassador and Comedian Katherine Ryan, comes as 82% of Brits say they will avoid any travel which would require quarantine. 
Shaun Pearce, Gousto’s Chief Technology Officer said: “The expansion of our tech team will be instrumental in maximising the opportunity provided by the structural shift from offline to online which has been accelerated by the pandemic.

As a customer-obsessed company, we focus our investments on enhancing the customer experience, which can only be achieved through a resolute focus on technology and data.

Investing quickly in our tech to build capacity over the last 18 months meant we could provide a rich at-home experience through food and cooking to homes across the country, at a time of huge restrictions. Flavourlust continues these efforts, tapping into our cuisines expertise to bring out-of-reach culinary experiences to travel wary Brits.’ 


Technology Driven Growth


Earlier this year, Gousto announced it had achieved its first full year of profitability since launch with record sales for 2020 of £189m, up 129%. This strong growth which has continued into 2021, with over 25 million meals sold in Q1 alone – is driven by Gousto’s tech-enabled ability to gain market share from supermarkets by capitalising on the three consumer trends driving grocery; convenience, health and sustainability: 


  • Convenience: Customers want frictionless shopping and choice that is relevant to them. The customer data collected means Gousto’s tech team can personalise the 60 weekly recipe choices to a customer’s unique preferences. 
  • Health: Gousto’s data-driven menus set baseline standards for recipes, to establish a threshold of nutrient content as well as calorie ceilings. Customers get precisely-measured ingredients which helps with portion control, plus the ability to customise elements of each meal to healthier options. 
  • Sustainability: Gousto uses forecasting algorithms to reliably predict supply needs at its manufacturing sites. This means that less than 1% of food is wasted in their facilities, as opposed to around 20% in supermarkets supply chains. Exact portion sizes also mean next to zero waste in the home. Every Gousto order saves 2kg of food waste and 7kg of CO2 emissions compared to a similar supermarket shop.