Hi-tech Air Purifying Totem Trials at Birmingham New Street Station

Air quality has become a big worry for people travelling through Birmingham New Street Station. The fumes from trains can make the air dirty and unpleasant. To tackle this problem, Network Rail is trying out new air cleaning machines called totems. These totems will be placed on platforms 10 and 11.

What are these totems? They’re tall towers that suck in dirty air from the bottom, clean it by taking out all the nasty bits, and then blow out fresh air at head level. These totems are here to make waiting for trains a better experience.

From London’s Streets to Birmingham’s Platforms: Success Story Continues

These totems aren’t an entirely new idea. In London, similar machines helped make the air much cleaner, taking out two-thirds of the dust and more than a fifth of the harmful Nitrous Oxides.

Birmingham New Street Station has also put a lot of money into improving the station’s air before. They’ve put up new fans and sensors that have already cut down harmful gases by almost half. The totems are another step in making the station’s air even better.


Cleaner Air for All: Today’s Trial, Tomorrow’s Reality?

If these totems work well on platforms 10 and 11, they might be used all over the station. This means more passengers will benefit from cleaner air.

The people at Network Rail aren’t just doing this as a better gesture; they also have to follow rules that make sure passengers’ health is protected. They have a system in place that monitors the levels of harmful gases and takes action if things get unsafe. This shows that they’re serious about keeping the air in the station clean.

Totems Talk: Engaging Passengers and Partnering for Progress

The totems also have big screens that explain to passengers how they work to help them understand the process for a more pleasant journey.

Network Rail has teamed up with Pluvo, the company that makes the totems, to work towards cleaner air for all. Pluvo shares the same goal of making places where people travel healthier and more comfortable.

Clean air is so essential to our health, and the trial of these air cleaning totems at Birmingham New Street Station is an exciting step towards a cleaner and greener railway. By taking the dirt and germs out of the air, these totems can make waiting for trains more enjoyable.

With the success of similar machines in London and other improvements at the station, there’s a good chance these totems will do the trick. The work with Pluvo and the efforts to educate passengers show that Network Rail cares about not just getting people from A to B, but also how they feel along the way.

These totems might soon be a common sight in stations, making train travel a breath of fresh air. It’s an exciting time for passengers and a big step in making travel cleaner and greener.