Homeware Brand Takes Home 10 Million

Twin brothers, Richard and Anthony Joseph, have built an empire with their colourful homeware brand Joseph Joseph Ltd. The British brand was founded in 2003 and quickly became a staple in all middle class homes. The homeware brand differentiated itself in the market by maximising design whilst optimising efficiency with innovative space-saving solutions for even the tiniest of kitchens. Ranging from £15 juicers to top-of-the-range £245 rubbish bins, Joseph Joseph aims to find a kitchen item to suit all price brackets.


The twins were a tour de force thanks to their combined background in Design and Design Manufacturing Management. From their origins creating innovatively designed chopping boards, they progressed to feature many different homeware products. Aside from being wonderfully aesthetically pleasing, the products are practical and space-efficient. They present more sanitary kitchen solutions (such as separate categorised chopping boards to separate raw poultry and vegetables) as well as solutions for a more organised kitchen, including foldable, stackable and colour-coded ranges. 

Stepping Stones to Success:

The company’s main challenge was establishing themselves in the North American market and attributed their setback to a recruitment problem – specifically finding and retaining a President for the North America market. They were able to overcome this by outsourcing their recruitment and partnering with Peak Sales Recruiting. This problem seems like a distant memory for the brand who now boast over 80% of sales abroad. In the early days, their youth worked against them for gaining repute with big brands such as John Lewis; though originally turned away, John Lewis is one of Joseph Joseph’s biggest customers. 

International Acclaim:

Now, Joseph Joseph Ltd is an international, award-winning brand. Their products are sold in more than 100 countries and as well as their flagship London-based office, they have offices in New York, Tokyo, Paris & Dusseldorf. In recent statistics they have boasted an increase in sales of 19% across the last year, reaching a record £79.8 million of sales in the last financial year. Now the twin brothers have taken home a £10 million payout thanks to international sales soaring. The company has twice received the Queen’s Award as an indication of their prowess and esteem in the homeware world. They are also known for 99% customer satisfaction. 

Sign of the Times:

Their innovative designs and durable food-storage solutions have matched the wider-spread call for long-term plastic storage solutions and redundancy of disposable plastics. In an ever-increasing environmentally aware society, Joseph Joseph’s products seem to be well ahead of the curve.