How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Premier League Football Club?

In the world of UK football, the Premier League stands at the centre of the action. Drawing in fans and sponsors, it’s unsurprising that so many businesses want a slice of the action.

Sponsorship deals within the Premier League are not just advertisements, but strategic brand partnerships that help businesses put themselves in front of millions of people.

Because of the high success rate of these partnerships, the cost of sponsoring a Premier League club has soared in recent years. In fact, the recent partnership between Manchester City and Etihad was the biggest of all time, earning the club a huge £67.5 million a year.


“One of the ultimate demonstrations of success for any startup or business is seeing your name and logo on a Premier League club’s shirt. The sponsors of the biggest football clubs become incredibly well-renowned and always increase their standing. Look at the likes of Fly Emirates, AIG, Standard Chartered Bank and others. In times gone by, we all know who companies like Sharp, O2, Holsten, Carlsberg and others sponsored and that is no coincidence. Although sponsoring a Premier League club is very expensive, for brand recognition, it is a huge move”

– David Soffer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechRound


What do you get when you sponsor a premier league club?


When you sponsor a Premier League club, you’re not just purchasing advertising space; you’re investing in a partnership.

This includes branded exposure on team kits, media coverage, and a strong presence in the club’s digital and social media platforms.

Additionally, sponsors usually get exclusive access to the club’s events and hospitality areas, allowing them to engage with the fanbase directly.

Beyond the advertising and exposure benefits, sponsoring a Premier League club also allows the team to be associated with some of the biggest and most iconic teams in sports, helping build loyalty amongst supporters.


Who owns the Premier League?


The Premier League is owned by its 20 member clubs, each acting as a shareholder.

This model ensures all clubs have a voice in decision-making processes, meaning they all get an equal say in major decisions.

The League has a comprehensive Rule Book and an Owners’ Charter, meaning its members and shareholders must commit to shared values. This decentralised ownership structure not only helps build collaboration between clubs but also keeps the teams invested in the league’s success.


So how much does it really cost to sponsor a Premier League club?




As of August 2023, Arsenal has renewed its sponsorship with Emirates, costing the airline £50M per season.

This latest renewal is set to run until at least 2028, allowing the brand to appear on club shirts, retain its name of the stadium amongst other perks.


Aston Villa


In June 2023, Aston Villa signed a controversial deal with online betting company BK8, after its long standing partnership with Cazoo.

Whilst the value of their latest sponsorship remains undisclosed, it was estimated that the deal with Cazoo earned the club more than £6 million per year.

From this, we can probably infer that the latest sponsorship is considerably more, especially considering the level of backlash currently associated with the partnership.




In September 2023, Chelsea confirmed a shirt sponsorship deal with Infinite Athlete – a US based sports tech company.

Due to last till the end of the 2024 season, the sponsorship is believed to be worth around a whopping £40 million.


Crystal Palace


Since 2015, Crystal Palace had partnered with betting companies, ManBetX and W88 for their shirt sponsorships, meaning kits sold to younger fans could not feature the logos.

However, this all changed when the club recently signed a deal with car insurance company Cinch for $8.50M per year, who will remain on their shirt for the 23/24 season.





Back in June 2022, Everton announced a record-breaking deal for the team through a sponsorship with

The multi-year deal, which will replace their previous sponsor Cazoo is expected to bring in a huge £10M per season – the highest in the club’s history.




Another team with a record-breaking sponsorship is Fulham, who signed a deal with betting brand SBOTOP back in June 2023 worth an estimated £10M.

The deal will see SBOTOP featured on the shirts of the men and women’s teams. However, the shirt sponsorship is short lived, as the Premier League has said betting companies can no longer be featured on shirts as of 2025.




Back in 2022, Liverpool announced a four year extension to their partnership with Standard Chartered – believed to be worth over £50M per year.

A partnership lasting around 17 years, the sponsorship is currently due to last until 2027, showing the long term value that the club provides to its banking partner.


Manchester City


And over to our record holders. Manchester City and Ethiad made headlines in recent weeks for their record breaking £67.5 million a year partnership in the 2022/23 season.

According to Forbes, the deal will be worth £400 million over 10 years – a huge investment for the airline.


Manchester United


Another huge contender is Manchester United, whose sponsorship deal with TeamViewer brings in a huge £48M per year.

The club previously had a more lucrative deal with car manufacturer Chevrolet for £64M per year, but lost out due to performance issues.

The current deal is set to last until 2026, where they will be on the lookout to recoup some of the money lost this year.


Sheffield Utd


Back in 2023, Dubai-based finance firm CFI signed a one year deal with Sheffield United.

Not just a logo on their shirt, the firm will also become the club’s ‘Official Financial Trading Partner’.

Whilst it’s unclear exactly how much CFI paid, some have estimated between £4M – £6M – making it a hefty investment for the firm.


Tottenham Hotspur


in 2019, Tottenham Hotspur announced an 8 year deal with AIA insurance, estimated to be worth £320 million until 2027 – around £40M per year.

This partnership made headlines back in 2019 but has since been beaten by other deals.

However, eyes are on Tottenham to see how much they can secure when the sponsorship ends in 3 years’ time.


West Ham


For the 2023/24 season, West Ham have continued to be sponsored by Betway – a partnership launched in 2015 but has been extended year on year.

In 2019, it was announced that Betway would continue to sponsor West Ham for around £10M per year, a significant increase from previous sales.

However, it will be interesting to see what happens in 2025 when new laws come into effect around betting sponsors.




In conclusion, sponsorship in the Premier League shows just how lucrative partnerships between sports and businesses can be.

The figures involved in these partnerships show not just the value of the clubs but also the huge potential for brands to amplify their presence globally.

From Arsenal’s £50 million per season deal with Emirates to Manchester City’s record-setting £67.5 million a year partnership with Etihad, these agreements show just how valuable these sponsorships really are.