Top 5 Companies to Boost Brand Awareness For Tech Startups

Brand awareness and visibility are vital for any tech startup throughout its journey. There are many things that startups can do to ensure they are making an impactful online presence that is promoting their brand and increasing visibility. Understanding your target audience will be key to increasing your startup identity, however, there is no singular strategy for all businesses. There are many reasons why startups should care about brand awareness which is why this guide takes a look at a range of different strategies to promote your tech startup in the digital realm. 


What is Brand Awareness?


In a world where consumers research and listen to others before buying, the key to success is trust in a brand. Brand awareness is the foundation of this trust. By giving your brand a clear identity, it allows consumers to recognise it, and therefore easier for consumers to trust it. 

When people feel connected to your brand, they’re more likely to buy from it, building a strong link between trust and loyalty. Efforts to boost brand awareness give your brand its own personality and a way to be genuine, hear feedback, and tell its story. 


Why Brand Awareness is Important 


A strong degree of brand recognition provides a competitive edge, ensuring that a business stays prominently in consumers’ thoughts. Brands with significant recognition can even become synonymous with their specific products. Brand awareness can encourage more traffic to your website as it forms the basis of your sales and marketing strategy. Take a look at the following companies that can help your tech company increase their unique online identity. 


Top 5 Companies to Boost Brand Awareness


As brand awareness should be a priority in every startup’s marketing strategy, we have found 5 companies that can help companies create an identity with PR marketing to unique digital artwork.


1. Eskenzi PR & Marketing

Focusing specifically on the European Market, Eskenzi PR can help tech startups with a range of different marketing techniques. As tech startups increased throughout 2023, creating strong competition, and securing a marketing agency will assist with brand awareness.  





What Do Eskenzi PR Offer?

As an online Marketing Agency, they specialise in IT, tech and cybersecurity, meaning that your tech company will be working with a company that creates industry-relatable content that is creative and unique. Some of their services include offering a range of different services to their clients, including  

  • Digital Campaigns: Being recognised digitally is vital. With a mix of online platforms used, Eskenzi creates relatable content for your clientele to find insight, perspective and opinion.  

  • Public Relations: Ensuring your tech startup is in the headlines is an important aspect of maintaining brand awareness. Take advantage of the tools used by this agency that keep you up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity news stories.


2. Little Media Agency

Little Media is a social media agency that was founded in 2016, specialising in advancing their clients’ socials. According to ClutchCo, this agency has tech-marketing experience, as they have worked for a software company, among working in other sectors including health and hydraulics. 






What Do Little Media Offer?

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Creative Content Creation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Training


3. Prohibition PR

This company focuses on insight-driven PR, alongside keeping your branding current and relatable, all while finding how to promote you across your socials. Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial for any startup, however, it is especially important in the fast-moving tech world. 


What Do Prohibition PR Offer?

Depending on the needs of your tech startup, Prohibition PR offers some interesting services that other agencies don’t offer, including

  • Analysing competitors
  • Selecting and prioritising communication channels
  • Cultivating partnerships with influencers
  • Crafting engaging content (including copy, images, and video)
  • Monitoring and analysing performance through analytics
  • Implementing paid advertising campaigns


4. Folio Illustration and Animation Agency

Tech startups can opt to use creative and original illustrations across their digital platforms, giving them uniqueness. Folio Illustration and Animation Agency doesn’t just offer conceptual illustrations, but animations, GIFs, infographics and diagrams, too. This company offers a range of different styles, including artists who specialise in tech. 





How Can Digital Illustrations Help a Tech Startup?

Tech startups can create a stronger brand by using digital illustrations, furthermore, this can also create a form of visual story-telling for complex technological concepts. Furthermore, if your tech startup requires training on software or programs, this can be done with visual diagrams or videos, making it more understandable and comprehensive. Finally, by having original artwork, your startup will also have a competitive edge over competitors.  


5. Freelance Web Design

If your startup requires web designing, opt to use a professional who will ensure marketing techniques are implemented to. Freelance Web Designer is an independent designer with experience from across the globe. Seeking a competitive edge with a slick web design can boost your brand name. 




What Do Freelance Web Designers Offer?

This company offers web design for your startup, alongside other added bonuses that skilled tech people may not be trained in, such as marketing and SEO optimisation. Some key factors that Freeland Web Designer offers are

  • Ecommerce Friendly: Ability to create an e-commerce site for your tech startup 
  • Responsive Design: Adaptive and responsive site
  • Conversion-Driven: Built to make the most of your site traffic conversion potential