Hungry for Heritage? DNA-Inspired Dinner Discoveries

In a new collaboration between Living DNA and Gousto, home-cooks can inspire menus based on their DNA and family history.

DNA Dishes


DNA Dishes is a new initiative from recipe box company Gousto following survey findings. The survey found that 8 in 10 (84%) of 2,000 surveyed adults knew little about their heritage. Yet, 65% wanted to be able to pass family dishes onto future generations.  This unique DNA dining offering has been developed in partnership with genealogists Living DNA. The idea is that home-cooks can find out more about their heritage and, in the process, cook meals at home inspired by their roots. 


Popular Favourites 


People tend to be creatures of habit, with 74% of respondents normally cooking British dishes. Italian, Chinese and Indian were the next most popular. Ethiopian, Peruvian and Lebanese came out as the top cuisines never tasted by respondents. DNA Dishes aims to open a new world of cuisines. In fact, Gousto already boasts dishes from more than 40 nationalities.


Celebrity Guests 


Rapper Professor Green and presenter AJ Odudu were invited to try the DNA dishes this week. The results were surprising as Professor Green established that his heritage is 35% French, 20% Germanic and 12% Irish. Not the Scottish or Scandinavian heritage he thought he had! 


He shares “I was convinced I was Scottish, if anything. Finding out I have these connections has definitely made me want to be more experimental with my cooking as I’ve always been a bit of a pizza, pie and mash man, but I now I want to try new dishes from these countries.” 


Equally surprised was AJ Odudu who discovered heritage from Cameroon. “Having never met my grandparents, I now feel like I can connect with them further in some way through the food I cook, and I’m mega excited to get my mum around for dinner to cook some of the new recipes I’ve learnt.”




Second Lockdown and Inspiration


Two thirds of survey respondents revealed that they have fewer than 10 recipes in their repertoire. Subsequently, Gousto aims to use DNA discoveries and help inspire a variety of flavours for home cooks. Additionally, they want diners to have meaningful connections with the food they are cooking and eating. Just in time for a potential second lockdown, diners can unleash their inner creative cooks. Living DNA provides an expert analysis and Gousto dishes out personalised recipe ideas based on the results.

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