Investor Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Downing Capital Group

  • Founded in 2021, Downing Capital Group is in the business of starting new businesses. Downing’s unique approach to company creation is fundamentally built on the principle that the best ideas deserve a blend of experienced teams with the right amount of supporting resources. This cocktail ultimately leads to great companies.
  • Consisting of former founders, investors, and industry experts, Downing Capital has already co-founded four companies in the past two years, with several more on the horizon.




Downing Capital Group


Who is Downing Capital Group?


Downing Capital Group is an investment firm seeking to build the companies of tomorrow. Founded by Jesse DowningDowning Capital uses proprietary ideation to create investment opportunities and partners with industry veterans to co-found these ventures. By providing funding during their initial years and offering support to the new executive teams, Downing enables the founding teams to fully concentrate on building exceptional companies.

Downing Capital’s process speeds up the path to profitability for these companies while also setting them up for successful future fundraising rounds. To date, Downing Capital has co-founded four companies: Portoro, Ownershift, Cedar Brands, and Wellnest.


What markets does Downing Capital Group invest in?


Downing Capital is industry-agnostic, instead seeking innovative solutions to disrupt established markets whether that be the short-term rental space, CPG, healthcare, FinTech, and many others.


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Who are some of Downing Capital Group’s most well-known investments:


As a newer firm, Downing Capital’s portfolio companies are rapidly growing. Portoro is a property management company for premium vacation homes. The company has already conducted multiple acquisitions and is managing more than 160 properties across several markets.

Cedar Brands is a leading owner and operator of consumer brands for the home and family space. Since its inception, Cedar Brands has acquired Jabaloo, a high-quality boutique of baby products; Nuzzie, a premium weighted blanket brand; and Country Kitchens, a vendor of kitchen products including cabinetry and sinks across the US.


Where can you find Downing Capital?


You can visit Downing Capital’s website at or follow them on LinkedIn at