Investor Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Forward Partners

  • Forward Partners is a VC firm that specialises in early-stage investments in the UK. By actively helping founders develop their products, they not only fund them but help them thrive.
  • With an active portfolio of 43 companies and a portfolio fair value of £80.0 million as of 31st December 2022, Forward Partners is dedicated to nurturing the next top tech businesses across various sectors including marketplace, applied AI, and Web3.
  • Among its most notable investments are Cazoo, Juno, Patch, and Pocdoc, showcasing a diverse range of technologies and platforms.





Who are Forward Partners?


Forward Partners is a venture capital firm that goes beyond just financial investment. It is committed to transforming great ideas into world-changing businesses by offering “thinking capital”.

This capital helps founders find market fit, develop scalable products, assemble high-performing teams, and create bigger sales pipelines.

With a deep understanding that it takes more than money to beat the odds, Forward Partners offers funding, expertise, and operational support from the early stages to ensure founders can gain a competitive advantage right from the start.


What markets does Forward Partners invest in?


Forward Partners invests in exceptional businesses and talent focused on opportunities in marketplace, applied AI, and Web3 sectors.

Their investment strategy is designed to support companies from day day one through to the seed stage, showing a commitment to helping innovative technologies and platforms flourish within these sectors.


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Who are some of Forward Partners’ most well-known investments?


Some of Forward Partners’ most well-known investments include Cazoo, Juno, Patch, and Pocdoc. These companies show the firm’s diverse investment portfolio across various sectors, showing Forward Partners’ ability to identify and support innovative and high-potential businesses.


Where can you find Forward Partners?


Find Forward Partners and find out how to pitch to them at their website: