Investor Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Frontline Ventures

  • Frontline Ventures champions the growth of B2B companies with a particular focus on those looking to expand to the US.
  • They provide specialised support for companies at both early and growth stages, facilitating US-to-Europe and Europe-to-US expansions.
  • With a team that has first-hand entrepreneurial experience and a portfolio full of successful expansions and acquisitions, Frontline Ventures prides itself on its insight and experience.




Frontline Ventures Logo


Who are Frontline Ventures?


Frontline Ventures, a venture capital firm with reach across the Atlantic, is the perfect partner for B2B companies with global expansion goals.

Founded by a team of former entrepreneurs, Frontline focuses on support for B2B SaaS ventures, guiding them through the process of international expansion.

With offices in Dublin, London, and San Francisco, they bring a ton of experience and a growing network from their involvement with some of the world’s leading B2B companies. Frontline Ventures operates two key funds:

  • Frontline Seed, which accelerates early-stage European tech visionaries.
  • Frontline Growth, which propels established US B2B software companies into Europe.


What markets does Frontline Ventures invest in?


Frontline Ventures sits in the B2B SaaS domain, investing in tech, engineering, and computer science-driven companies.

They have a keen interest in companies looking to scale internationally, whether it’s European startups looking to expand in the US market or US companies planning to tap into Europe.


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Who are some of Frontline Ventures’ most well-known investments?


Their portfolio includes a number of impressive companies such as Navan (formerly TripActions), a travel super app; Signal AI, which provides real-time media monitoring insights; and Pointy, an Irish startup that was acquired by Google, which helped retailers bring their products online.

Other investments include Workvivo, an employee engagement platform; Brightflag, a legal management software; and Clearco, which offers growth capital for online businesses.


Where can you find Frontline Ventures?


Find Frontline Ventures and find out how to pitch to them at their website: