Is Swapfiets the World’s Most Sustainable Bike Company?

SWAPFIETS the world’s first ‘bicycle as a service’ company has released their ‘annual sustainability report’, reflecting on their eco-impact to date and unveiling plans to become a fully circular business by 2025.


Working to Become 100% Climate Neutral

The sustainability report is globally one of the first of its kind published within the cycling industry. The detailed report delves into the brand’s positive impact to date, but more importantly, examines the company’s environmental footprint, offering solutions to help the company continue to become more socially and environmentally conscious and eventually become 100% climate neutral.

Key findings from the new report include the concrete proof that Swapfiets subscription model is more sustainable than owning a bike and also illustrates that over 800,000 kg CO2 has been saved thanks to the circular business model.

Additional findings include core recommendations on environmental and social responsibilities and shares insights into the brand’s sustainability processes, key achievements to date, impact-driven goals, key learnings, and tools to accelerate the business to circularity.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

While some other manufacturers make broad sustainability claims and pledges or shout about their success in reducing waste and being greener, Swapfiets report offers an ambitious array of specific environmental commitments and a comprehensive analysis of the carbon footprint of its unique subscription model.

Findings from the report show the Deluxe 7, (Swapfiets most popular bike model), is already 88% circular compared with 36% of the comparable shelf models built for sale. The bike also has a 35% lower global warming potential per year (6.54kg CO2) than comparable shelf models built for sale (10.1 kg CO2).

Now with over 250,000 monthly subscribers in 65 cities, Swapfiets has quickly become one of the pioneering subscription brands across Europe, with stores across London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, and Milan to name a few.


Progress So Far

2021 saw Swapfiets hit many milestones as a sustainably focussed business, including the launch of their newest E-bike (Power 1), a nomination for The Circular Award and most importantly the switch to green electricity at all physical stores across Europe.

Founder of Swapfiets and Director of Sustainability, Richard Burger said: “We started Swapfiets in 2014, the early days of the ‘from possession to use’ movement. At that time, the circular economy community was still in its infancy. Our main focus was to serve Swapfiets members with a smart bicycle membership and build our company around that. We took a different approach to the old-fashioned ‘take-make-waste’ model of producing, selling, and consuming products because that was the only way for members to experience the benefits of cycling.

In this very first publicly available sustainability report, we share where we are and our most important achievements so far. It is my goal to share our insights and learnings along the way. I hope it inspires, triggers, and offers tools to accelerate more sustainable decision-making. Both in your daily business and at home.”

Swapfiets has set many ambitious targets and whilst change does not happen overnight, the dedication to keep up the hard work is still the main driving force for the business.


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