Latest Apple Watch Reported to Have Battery Draining Issues

Apple Watch users are facing a problem with their batteries draining too fast. This started after the latest software update, watchOS 10.1, which came out in October.


User Complaints

People with Apple Watch Series 9 and older models are not happy. They say their watch battery dies quickly after the update. On Reddit, a Series 9 owner said, “After the 10.1 update my battery only last like 2-3 hours at full charge.” Another person shared, “Mine charges to 100% and then dies within 2 hours.” A Series 8 user also had the same problem.


Apple’s Response


Apple knows about this and is planning to fix it. A note to their Service Providers, which MacRumors saw, says an update will come out soon. Apple also tells users how to check their battery health in the watch’s settings.


Battery Drains in Other Products


This is not just happening with watches. iPhone users also say their batteries drain after updates. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from ZDNet explains that new updates make the phone do a lot of work like indexing and recalibrating the battery, which uses more power.



Fix on the Way


Apple says they are working on a fix. But they haven’t said what the problem is or how many people it affects. They just say the fix is coming soon.


What Users Can Do


If you have this problem, you can check online forums like Reddit or Apple’s own support forum. People are talking about it there. The issue affects different models, including the new Apple Watch Ultra 2.


About Software Bugs


Software updates usually fix bugs, but sometimes they cause new ones. It’s not rare, but it’s a problem when it affects a lot of people. For example, our review of the Apple Watch 9 didn’t have this battery issue because it was tested with watchOS 10.


Other Apple Problems


Apple is also trying to fix a bug with iPhones turning off by themselves at night. This may have started with the iOS 17.0.3 update.

Apple is working on solving the battery issue for Apple Watch users. They say they will release an update soon. If you have this problem, you can look for more information on forums or check your watch’s battery health in its settings.