Look Out For Your Laptop: Theft Insurance Claims Up By 171% Since COVID Rules Relaxed

Urban Jungle data reveals an 143% increase in claims for mobile phone theft, and a 100% increase in laptop thefts. The insurance company shares top tips for keeping your belongings safe when out-and-about


With theft claims up by 171% this summer, Urban Jungle, the home insurance provider, is encouraging city workers to watch out for their laptops and phones as our social lives resume post-lockdown.

As millions enjoy pubs and bars opening back up for weekday drinks after work, the insurer reported a 100% surge in laptop thefts over the summer (June – July) compared to spring (March – April). Mobile phone theft also saw an uplift in claims, with a 143% increase in the same period.

With hybrid working increasingly becoming the norm (recent figures from ONS suggest 85% of us expect to split their time between home and the office), people are out-and-about more frequently with their personal valuables.


Hoping to spread awareness that extra vigilance may now be required to protect our belongings, Urban Jungle has shared top tips on keeping phones and laptops safe when heading out:


  • Avoid open-style bags: Tote bags may be en vogue, but look for options with interior zips and buckles. Keeping bags fully closed and secure at all times can prevent valuables catching the eye of opportunistic thieves.


  • Share the responsibility: If you’re out with friends and worried about your bag, let somebody in your party know. If other people are aware of what your bag looks like and that it contains valuables, they can help keep an eye out.


  • Stay subtle with your logos: Avoid using branded cases designed for laptops and other computer products as this helps publicise that you have them. Consider using an inner lining or tote bag within your main bag to take your laptop out and about.




  • Talk to your employer: If you’re worried about carrying work equipment when you’re out-and-about, ask your employer to consider storage facilities, such as lockers, that can be easily integrated into the office to keep valuables safe.


  • Ensure that your valuables are protected in and out of the home with contents insurance: Urban Jungle offer contents insurance policies from £7 per month that cover the theft of valuables both in and out of the home.


  • Keep track with technology: Consider being proactive and downloading software that can help you to locate your phone or laptop in the case of theft or loss.


  • Keep your kit with you: When working in public areas like cafes and bars, don’t get comfortable and assume the staff or nearby people will keep an eye on your belongings – when you pop to the loo, put them into your bag and take it with you


Jimmy Williams, Co-Founder and CEO at Urban Jungle commented:

“It’s brilliant being able to get back to our social lives after being cooped up for so long, but we all need to watch out for our belongings. Many of us have taken up flexible working, which means we’re taking items like phones and laptops out-and-about much more than we used to – and with thefts on the rise, we need to take extra steps to keep them safe.

We hope our simple tips can help people enjoy the social events and real-world variety we all thoroughly deserve.”