Microsoft’s New AI Assistant Button To Kickstart The “Year Of The AI PC”

Microsoft is making moves in 2024 by introducing a Copilot key on Windows keyboards. This would be the first major Windows PC keyboard layout change in almost 30 years.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer, expressed his excitement about this development. “We see this as another transformative moment in our journey with Windows where Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on the PC,” he said.

The Function of the Copilot Key

The Copilot key replaces the traditional menu key and is positioned next to the right-hand alt key. Its primary function is to launch the Windows Copilot that’s built into Windows 11, offering an AI-powered assistant at the touch of a button. This feature is a part of Microsoft’s vision to incorporate AI into the user’s daily computing experience, making it more efficient and interactive.

How to Use Copilot in Current Windows Versions

While the Copilot key is a future addition, users can access Copilot in current Windows versions by pressing the Windows key + C. It appears as a sidebar on the screen, enabling users to interact with it alongside their other applications. This feature is a preview of how AI will become an integral part of computing, aiding in various tasks from simple queries to complex operations.


Features of Copilot in Windows


Copilot in Windows offers diverse functions. It integrates with Microsoft Edge for enhanced responses, summarises webpages, and interacts with the clipboard for a rich user experience. Users can choose from different chat tones to customise the AI’s response style according to their preference.

“In this new year, we will be ushering in a significant shift toward a more personal and intelligent computing future where AI will be seamlessly woven into Windows from the system, to the silicon, to the hardware,” said Yusuf Mehdi. This approach will not only simplify the computing experience but also amplify it.

Microsoft’s Plan for AI in Windows

Microsoft is set to weave AI more deeply into the Windows environment and its wider app suite. The introduction of the new Copilot key marks the beginning of a strategy to establish AI as a key player in daily computing tasks. This integration aims to enhance both productivity and creative processes, pushing the boundaries of traditional computing.

Expect to see the new Copilot key on various Windows 11 PCs showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, and on future Surface devices. This underlines Microsoft’s push to mainstream AI in personal computing, signaling a transformative phase in how we use technology.

With the Copilot key’s debut, Microsoft is taking the walk towards a future where AI is a core element of our computing experiences. This development is about accessing AI easily and redefining our interaction with PCs, fostering a more personal, efficient, and AI-driven computing environment.

As Yusuf Mehdi put it, “2024 is set to be the year of the AI PC,” positioning Microsoft at the forefront of this innovative journey in computing.