Top 10 Apps for New Years Resolutions

With the New Year comes the customary list of resolutions that will likely end up proving a challenge to stick to, leading to inevitable feelings of guilt when this occurs. But what if you could enhance your chances of sticking to your resolutions in 2024?

One of the (many) benefits of technology is that it can significantly simplify various aspects of life, including the pursuit of New Year’s resolutions. Stay tuned to explore a selection of apps that can be downloaded onto your devices to help keep popular resolutions, ensuring that you step into 2024 well-equipped to tackle whatever challenges come your way.


1. Duolingo


New Year’s Resolution = To learn a new language



Embarking on the journey to learn a new language often tops the list of typical New Year’s resolutions. But it can be quite a challenge, especially if you find that you’re a little out of practice.

Enter Duolingo, a free app designed to make language learning more manageable. Offering bite-sized lessons, this app can help you learn over 40 languages, covering speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. With challenges, reminders and daily streaks that serve to keep you incentivised, Duolingo can ensure your commitment to gaining practical communication skills remains strong in 2024.


2. PocketPoints


New Year’s Resolution = To spend less time on your phone



Though we may not all admit it, most of us would probably fess up to spending too much time staring at our screens. This year, consider shaking up your resolutions by challenging yourself to redefine your online experience in 2024.

PocketPoints is – ironically – an app to keep you off your phone.

By locking your device, this platform dissuades you from all those late-night scrolling sessions. With the added incentive of earning points and rewards, the PocketPoints app not only helps you curb distractions but also holds the potential to enhance your mental well-being, improve sleep, and gradually strengthen your attention span.

3. Peloton


New Year’s Resolution = To get into health and fitness



While the Peloton brand is commonly associated with its exercise equipment, its app merits attention too. Although this is not a free app (access to its content ranges from £12.99 to £24 a month), the app’s affordability is a modest investment for improved health and fitness in 2024.

Boasting an extensive array of workout videos spanning running, cycling, rowing, yoga, and meditation, the app caters to diverse preferences. Simply set your preferences and difficulty level to access motivational instructors and fitness statistics, ensuring an engaging and incentivised workout journey throughout 2024.


4. Yummly


New Year’s Resolution = To get into cooking



Consider making 2024 the year you trade in instant noodles and baked beans to master the art of serving up some top-notch meals. Not only is cooking always a valuable skill to have, but learning it can significantly contribute to an individual’s health and well-being.

Enter Yummly, the self-proclaimed ‘smart cooking sidekick’, something it achieves by providing a diverse array of recipes to cater to your taste, nutritional requirements, and skill level. With millions of free recipes at your fingertips, Yummly enhances your culinary journey. Users can also use the Yummly bookmarklet to add recipes they find online at no extra cost.


5. Streaks


New Year’s Resolution = To keep to your daily goals



Streaks is an online to-do list application that can help you cultivate good habits. Simply set your tasks each day and, upon completion, an ongoing streak that extends throughout 2024 can be built. With the flexibility to set up to 24 tasks, whether it’s cleaning your car or grabbing groceries, this convenient app accommodates all your needs.

Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, users can further customise their daily goals. For example, you can establish specific objectives for weekdays or weekends.

And, if your daily goals are fitness-related, the Streaks app can link up with your Apple Health app, allowing you to track fitness accomplishments such as completing a run or achieving a set number of steps.



6. Moneyhub


New Year’s Resolution = To learn to budget



Mastering budgeting can be a challenging task, but Moneyhub is committed to making it more achievable. With this app, users can consolidate all their accounts, including current accounts, savings accounts, pensions and investments, providing a comprehensive overview of their finances in one place.

Besides giving users a clear overview of their finances, Moneyhub enables users to set spending goals so they can start saving for the future in 2024. Once a budget has been set, the app will send a notification so users are approaching their spending limits.

Users can then review their spending in the ‘Spending analysis’ page, allowing users to review and potentially adjust their financial habits in the New Year.


7. Headspace


New Year’s Resolution = To work on your mental health



Prioritising our mental health should always be at the forefront of our priorities, and what better time to emphasise it than in 2024? Headspace has long been a popular choice of app for enhancing mental health and well-being. With a vast library comprising over 500 meditations and guided courses, you can anticipate a year filled with reduced stress.

And, for those grappling with sleep issues, bid farewell to restless nights in 2023. Headspace goes the extra mile to enhance sleep quality by providing sleepcasts and soothing sleep music, adding a touch of comfort to your bedtime routine.


8. Audible


New Year’s Resolution = To read more



For just £7.99 a month, access a vast plethora of audiobooks and podcasts in 2024. Not only can this help get your hands on all the best sellers for a comparatively affordable price, but it can also facilitate a far more accessible approach to reading. Audible allows users to download books and listen to them on the go, whether they’re strolling outdoors, commuting on public transport, or organising their kitchen at home.


9. Go Jauntly


New Year’s Resolution = To get outside



Prioritising more walks is always beneficial, but why not transform your daily strolls into everyday outdoor adventures with Go Jauntly? This app allows users to discover nearby walking routes packed with nature and engage in challenges to keep them motivated along the way.

Easily discover distinctive walks at the touch of a button and contribute your own routes for fellow users to enjoy. With no financial commitment required, embrace the outdoors this year with Go Jauntly.


10. Day One


New Year’s Resolution = To get into journaling



If maintaining a journal has proven challenging in the past, consider expressing your thoughts in what The New York Times praises as a “sacred…completely private digital space.”

Writing daily entries in a journal helps to direct your thoughts towards your accomplishments, goals, and feelings with a sense of calm and mindfulness. Easily peruse through your entries to reflect on past years, and enhance your journaling experience in 2024 by incorporating writing, photos, videos, drawings, and audio recordings, bringing your entries to life.