Mollie Capital Now Available For UK Startups To Get Funding

Since starting up in 2004, Mollie from Amsterdam has expanded its services far beyond just processing payments. They’ve now added Mollie Capital to their offerings, stepping into financial services to make life easier for businesses all over Europe. They work with more than 200,000 clients, offering a few payment methods like credit cards and PayPal to streamline how businesses receive money.


Features and Services of Mollie Capital


Mollie Capital represents Mollie’s foray into business financing, offering a fast and flexible solution for accessing funds. This efficiency is unlike traditional lending processes, which can be lengthy and cumbersome. Mollie Capital stands out by charging a fixed one-time fee and allowing repayments as a percentage of daily sales, aligning repayment schedules with the merchant’s cash flow.

Mollie Capital’s UK Launch


The launch of Mollie Capital in the UK addresses a critical need among SME merchants for accessible funding in the country, with so many startups emerging. Traditional lenders often bog down these businesses with extensive financial documentation requirements and slow decision-making processes.

Mia Hunter, Managing Director of Mollie UK, emphasizes the value of this launch, stating, “Mollie Capital is our first financial service to launch in the UK – the first of many designed to eliminate financial bureaucracy for SMEs”.

She further highlights the neglect of small and mid-size UK merchants by traditional financial institutions, underscoring Mollie Capital’s potential to drive sustainable growth through its new, easy source of funding.


Why Mollie is Beneficial for Startups


Startups find Mollie particularly advantageous because it simplifies the funding process. “Once a merchant has been processing payments with Mollie for 90 days, they are immediately eligible to apply for funding,” Mollie states, highlighting the ease of access to financial resources.

Mia Hunter, Managing Director of Mollie UK, sopoke about the service’s impact: “For too long, small and mid-size UK merchants have been neglected… Mollie Capital fills a critical gap in the UK market.”


How Can SMEs Apply For Funding On Mollie Capital?


Check Eligibility: Your business should be actively using Mollie’s payment solutions for at least 90 days and be based in the UK.

Apply Online: Complete the application process in about five minutes through the Mollie dashboard.

Receive Fast Approval: Usually, approvals do not take long, making sure you don’t wait long to find out whether you can receive funding.

Access Funds Quickly: Upon approval, funds are sent to your account within 24 hours.

Flexible Repayment: Repay the loan with a fixed one-time fee, with repayments taken as a percentage of your daily sales, adjusting based on your revenue flow.


Success Stories and Impact


Sebastian Bakker, General Director, Cookinglife said:

“Mollie Capital’s fast and clear financing solution enabled us to invest more in our new warehouse during renovation, ensuring our success during year-end peak periods.”

Tom Kapitein, Co-founder, Glamour your Hair said:

“Our sales figures have improved by 30% thanks to Mollie Capital. Now we can deliver goods steadily, delighting our customers in the process.”