Part 2: 5 More Interesting eCommerce Startups In 2024

There are thousands of eCommerce stores across platforms like Shopify and Etsy.

Deciding which platform to choose for your ecommerce startup should depend on what your goals, budget and needs are.

It is also important to look at what other stores are doing, to be on top of your game. Below are 7 stores that are interesting and worth visiting:


1. Carstuffyouneed



Carstuffyouneed is a UK based e-commerce store built on Shopify that specialises in unique car accessories. It recently went viral on TikTok for its middle finger LED.

The store also sells solar-powered air fresheners and other fun customisable car LEDs, catering to a niche market with an appetite for novelty and personality in car decor.

It’s run almost entirely through organic marketing, using the power of social media to spread its brand message.

This strategy has not only boosted its online presence but also amassed an online community of car enthusiasts.

The store’s significant success since being launched late last year, without any paid ads or endorsements, is a testament to the effectiveness of creative and customer-centric marketing approaches.

It’s living proof that e-commerce stores aren’t dead but rather thrive on innovative marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience.

The store’s mission is to elevate driving experiences and to offer products that are chosen to add value to time spent behind the wheel, combining functionality with an element of joy and novelty.

Whether it’s enhancing safety, increasing convenience, or simply adding a touch of personal style to your ride, the aim is to provide consumers with the car stuff they didn’t know they needed, but won’t want to drive without.


2. WellEasy




WellEasy is an exciting new UK-based e-commerce store committed to making healthy foods accessible and affordable for everyone. By partnering with top UK brands, they cut out retail markups, passing the savings directly to the consumer.

Their mission is to provide a one-stop-shop service for Britain to access a diverse, healthy and ethical range of products, all at reduced prices when you join.

With over 4,000 healthy groceries for all diets and lifestyles, available at a lower cost than any other retailer, WellEasy is changing how we shop for the better.

Not only does WellEasy take the guesswork out of healthy living, it provides convenience too, with fast carbon neutral shipping, there is no need to endlessly trawl ailes for your daily needs.

WellEasy also have a wide variety of resources aimed at helping people find the ingredients most beneficial to the lifestyle they want to lead as well as more than 50 different diet and lifestyle filters to help you find what’s right for you

So WellEasy is more than just your average e-commerce shop! It’s a vibrant online community offering expert guidance, delicious recipes, and motivational challenges.


3. Cheaney Shoes



Cheaney Shoes, an esteemed English shoemaker established in 1886, embarked on a transformative ecommerce journey with Visualsoft in June 2023.

This partnership revolutionised Cheaney’s digital presence, marrying a rich heritage with innovative marketing strategies for a seamless user experience.

Visualsoft’s expertise in holistic creative marketing redefined the Cheaney brand, introducing lifestyle imagery and a fresh brand voice across all platforms, leading to a significant 70% revenue growth and a 96% increase in new users year-on-year during their Black Friday campaign.

A strategic focus on addressing customer pain points through a curated email content planner and exploring new market segments, like a younger demographic with trainers, invigorated Cheaney’s product offerings.

This strategic move not only attracted a new audience but also achieved remarkable engagement and sales, with the trainers ad generating over 133,954 impressions and substantial revenue.

With Visualsoft’s guidance, Cheaney diversified its marketing mix, enhanced its PPC segmentation, and shifted its SEO tactics to position itself as a lifestyle brand, culminating in an impressive 18% revenue growth and a 72% increase in new users in the latter half of the year.

This partnership highlights the power of combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge ecommerce strategies for outstanding business growth.


4. Grace & Form




Grace & Form is founded by world-renowned Principal Ballerina at New York City Ballet, Indiana Woodward, and international award-winning trainer, best-selling author, and former ballet dancer Saskia Gregson-Williams.

It stands as a transformative online studio and app that seamlessly fuses ballet, fitness, and mental well-being practices, creating a revolutionary approach to holistic health for both body and mind.

Tailoring its offerings to a diverse audience, the studio welcomes seasoned dancers and those in search of an engaging and effective workout experience.

This innovative platform prioritises the development of strength, flexibility, and balance while fostering a profound connection between movement and self-discovery.

Classes, meticulously curated by world-class dancers, athletes, and master trainers, are not only designed to challenge and enhance physical capabilities but also to nurture mental well-being.

Operating as a subscription app and online studio, Grace & Form provides a gateway to a vast library of classes.

Additionally, individuals have the flexibility to make individual purchases of plans and programmes, ensuring a customisable and personalised fitness journey.


5. Wearlix Technology



Wearlix’s generative AI technology stands to revolutionise the fashion industry by making online shopping more interactive, personalised, and efficient.

From reducing returns and increasing sales to enhancing marketing strategies and streamlining the work of stylists, the technology offers a suite of benefits that address key challenges faced by the industry.

As it continues to evolve, its potential applications and impact on both businesses and consumers are bound to expand, marking a significant step forward in the digital transformation of fashion retail.