10 Courses To Start An eCommerce Business

When it comes to the digital space, there are endless opportunities and options for self-development and this is especially true when it comes to finding online courses for the field you are interested in exploring.

For eCommerce, there are thousands of courses available for you to try, free and paid, and they can be very useful for anyone in the industry.


How To Find The Best Course


1. Identify Your End Goal

The first step towards finding a course that will best help your learning journey towards becoming an eCommerce store owner, is to think about what you want out of the course.

It could be anything- some want to refresh their skillset, others are beginners looking to learn the industry. Which ever it is, it is important to consider, before making a choice.


2. Calculate Your Time Capabilities

All courses are set up differently, in that, you have the option to complete the course over a longer period of time (in the case you have other commitments, such as a job), or over a shorter period.

Planning out your routine in a way where you can comfortably allocate time towards learning, can really help you efficiently complete any course.


3. Conduct Research

Before picking a course, one should explore different platforms, and how reliable the course is.

Finding a course from an accredited institution can look good on your CV, while ensuring you are receiving a well-informed and researched learning experience.


4. Consider Your Budget

Though there are many free courses available, most require a fee for the actual certification to your name.

Make sure you have a look at different pricing models and options, to accommodate your budget when picking a course.


10 Courses To Kickstart Your eCommerce Career


1. Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce – Google on Coursera:


Google employees guide you through the basics of digital marketing and eCommerce, ideal for entry-level roles. This course helps attract and engage customers digitally.


2. Shopify: Ecommerce Email Marketing 101 – Shopify:


This free course covers email marketing essentials for eCommerce, including choosing service providers and writing effective emails.


3. LinkedIn: Ecommerce Fundamentals – LinkedIn:


Develop your eCommerce idea into a profitable online store with this course, which covers selecting business models and target industries.


4. Introduction to Ecommerce – Alison:


This beginner-level course provides an overview of eCommerce essentials and the impact of technology on the online marketplace.


5. Creation of an Online Shop with Shopify – Domestika:


Rocio Carvajal teaches you to start in the world of eCommerce using Shopify, the sector’s top platform. This course is best for those new to eCommerce looking to launch their shop.


6. Oberlo 101:


Learn to start your first dropshipping store with this course. It’s a comprehensive guide to dropshipping, fulfillment, and eCommerce logistics, perfect for beginners and free.


7. The Product Winner Blueprint:


This course guides you through selecting winning products for your eCommerce store, emphasising dropshipping and online marketing strategies.


8. E-commerce Fundamentals – LinkedIn Learning:


Ideal for those turning their eCommerce idea into a reality, this course covers selecting business models, industry research, and product selling.


9. Shopify’s Dropshipping 101:


This course reveals the secrets to starting your online business with dropshipping, including using Facebook Ads and optimising your site. It’s free with a Shopify Learn account creation.


10. Ecommerce Marketing Mastery – Digital Marketer:


This course introduces learners to online marketing for the eCommerce space, teaching the architecture of a successful store marketing team.