Part 1: 7 Interesting eCommerce Startups In 2024

The UK eCommerce market is thriving with innovation, creativity and sales. Last year, Shopify reported that there were over 20,000 eCommerce stores that launched. This is around 12% more than in the year before. The market and industry continues to grow, and with that being said, below are 6 startups that are worth looking at, that operate in the eCommerce market:

1. GoPromotional



GoPromotional is a leading provider of bespoke printed promotional products, dedicated to transforming clients’ marketing visions into reality. GoPromotional is devoted to a customer-centric approach, viewing clients as the cornerstones of its success, ensuring each one, regardless of size, is treated with the utmost importance.

The company stands out by rejecting a call center mentality. Instead, GoPromotional focuses on prioritising exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and a fervent commitment to delivering high-quality promotional solutions.

At the core of GoPromotional’s philosophy is the belief in the unmatched power of promotional products to attract new clients, boost brand awareness, and foster business growth.

The company offers an extensive range of popular items, such as printed pens, promotional mugs, sticky notes, cotton bags, and keyrings, through its comprehensive catalog and website, which hosts thousands of innovative ideas to cater to varying promotional needs.

GoPromotional offers a seamless service from product sourcing and design to print and production, all managed by a team of experienced merchandising specialists. This dedication ensures that every promotional project is met with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as the clients themselves have for their success.

With a plethora of innovative products, competitive pricing, dedicated account management, an in-house design studio, cutting-edge print technology, fast turnarounds, and guaranteed satisfaction, GoPromotional is positioned as a trusted partner for high-quality, custom-printed promotional merchandise.


2. Sabi



Sabi, Africa’s premier infrastructure enabler for the distribution of goods and services, revolutionises the supply chain through its comprehensive platform. With a focus on Supply Chain Management, Sustainability & Compliance, and Financial Services, Sabi addresses commercial challenges, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

Founded on principles of trust, sustainable impact, and diversity, Sabi empowers businesses with reliable financial services, market insights, and a commitment to future-proofing operations against tomorrow’s challenges.


3. Qogita


Qogita is transforming wholesale procurement by offering a one-stop shop for all branded products at competitive prices. Aimed at empowering small and medium businesses, it simplifies sourcing by providing access to a vast range of products globally, reducing costs, and offering efficient payment and financing options.

Founded in early-2021, Qogita has quickly become the world’s largest digital wholesale platform, supported by prestigious investors and a team with top-tier experience, including leadership from Uber and Farfetch.






FOR PLAY launched initially on TikTok, and have had huge successes, and since moved to retailing chocolates through their own website too. FOR PLAY was started by Intimacy Coach Victoria Rusnac. Following a successful career at CMO level, Rusnac’s interest shifted to personal relationships, and how intimacy can be fostered when people schedule time for their partner.

Doing this is made easier by the addition of an activity or ‘moment’, so following her coaching training in Intimacy, FOR PLAY was born. Since the brands’ launch in September ’23 several of their videos have gone viral, and they have launched 2 new SKUs in January 2024 to meet customer demand.


5. Snootiful Hound



Snootiful Hound is a brand for sighthound breeds of dog, such as greyhounds, lurchers and whippets, an otherwise underserved segment of the dog market.

Our main product is an escape proof harness designed just for sighthounds, who are often able to escape from traditional harnesses, which aren’t designed for their unique body shape.

I found this out the hard way after rescuing my Saluki, Blondie. She used to escape any harness I put her in which eventually led to her getting loose on a main road and spending 5 minutes weaving between traffic. This experience is what led me to solve the problem and create a harness just for dogs like mine.

We are quickly expanding to become a one stop shop for sighthounds as their owners love our brand and feel confident shopping with us.

We also support sighthound charities in the UK by setting aside 10% of profits for donations, a cause that is very important to me as my own dog is a rescue.


6. Skwad Shop



SKWAD, founded by Elise Kandrac, was inspired by her concern for her teenagers’ self-esteem and the gender-specific nature of skincare products for young teens. Elise recognised that her children’s perception of their appearance was affecting their confidence more than their actual achievements.

The values of Hawaii, where Elise has family connections, strongly influenced the SKWAD brand. These values are reflected in the brand’s mission. SKWAD is committed to environmental responsibility, choosing packaging and ingredients with the planet in mind. Their marine-safe formulations are custom-made, and they make use of innovative technology like recycled raw ingredients to ensure sustainability.


7. EDV Labs




A brand-new insights business, EDV Labs, intends to transform the way emerging and challenger beverage brands compete with established players, by providing access to world-class insights and systems, empowering them to make better, faster decisions and help take the guesswork out of growth.

EDV Labs was founded in 2023 by former Diageo and William Grant commercial marketeer, Will Thompson & FMCG analytics expert Danny Eldridge in response to seeing so many amazing beverage brands unable to unlock their true potential, as a result of not having access to the digital tools and insights that are a mainstay of growth for the global brands.

Built on the belief that all companies, regardless of size, should have access to world-class insights and systems, EDV labs is developing a number of platforms designed to support emerging and growth brands.

Commenting on the launch, Thompson said; “We understand that building a successful, profitable beverage business is complex and messy, and we know that having a great liquid and compelling story is only the first step to success.

“Our goal is to provide ‘right sized’ digital solutions to these emerging brands, supported by a wealth of direct experience in maximising value within the time and resource constraints brand owners face.”

For the past 12 months EDV Labs have been in consultation with brand owners in a beta testing phase to enable the launch of its first product Data Sipper.

EDV Labs believe Data Sipper is the most comprehensive market intelligence solution for the UK off-trade channel. Initially covering Gin, Agave and Non Alc Spirits, Data Sipper distils nearly 1.5M data points, from over 800 retailers, updated weekly, into a better understanding of opportunities.

Whether brands are pitching for a new key account, working on strategic plans or looking to optimise pricing or distribution, Data Sipper provides Insights not previously available. These can either be delivered as standalone reports, guided ‘mini consultations’ or through Data Sipper subscription services.