Netflix Launches Netflix Games

Netflix is branching out. Now, they’re entering the realm of cloud-streamed gaming, marking an important step towards diversifying their offerings with their UK and Canada Beta Launch.

Games Ready for Action

There’s a touch of excitement in the air for subscribers. Two games are up for testing. The mysterious “Oxenfree”, a brainchild of Night School Studio, became part of Netflix in 2021.

Joining it is the fun and engaging “Molehew’s Mining Adventure”, perfect for those who enjoy arcade-style games.

Locations and Availability

These exciting gaming tests aren’t available to everyone just yet. Canada and the U.K. are the chosen starting points.

But even within these countries, access is exclusive, catering initially to a “limited number” of lucky subscribers.

Supported Devices

Netflix ensures the gaming experience reaches a wide audience, making sure a range of devices can support the gaming tests. Here’s a list of compatible gadgets:

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Players
Chromecast with Google TV
Nvidia Shield TV
Roku devices and TVs
Samsung Smart TVs
Walmart ONN

For those who prefer the crisp clarity of computer monitors, Netflix’s website will support gaming on both PCs and Macs, provided the browser is approved.


Gameplay Mechanics

Playing these games is simple. If you’re on TV, just use your smartphone, which doubles up as a controller, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience.

On the PC or Mac, you stick to the classic duo: the keyboard and mouse.

Insights from the Top

Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of Games, is full of hope and excitement about this fresh venture. “By making games available on more devices, we hope to make games even easier to play for our members around the world,” Mike shared.

Not stopping there, he added, “We’re excited to bring joy to members with games. We look forward to hearing feedback from our beta testers and sharing more as we continue on the road ahead.”

Mike was clear about how different this move is for Netflix. “It’s a completely different business model. Over time, we hope this becomes a natural way for everyone to enjoy games, no matter where they are.”

Reflecting on how Netflix has embraced gaming, Mike shared some insights:

“Since 2021, when we added mobile games, we’ve been committed to offering our members a great gaming experience. Our aim? A game for everyone.”

“Today, we’re broadening our horizons, ensuring our games can be played on any device — be it TVs, computers or mobile.”

The Future of Cloud Gaming with Netflix

Cloud gaming is becoming the next big thing in digital leisure. For Netflix, this offers a new way to boost their platform’s appeal amongst their competitors.

Its more than just new content, its a signal that Netflix intends to remain a leading choice for all sorts of entertainment.

Drawing parallels, Netflix is shaping up to be as influential in gaming as established brands in the gaming sector.

As Netflix takes this bold step into the gaming world, all eyes are on them. The big question: will they set a new standard for at-home entertainment? The anticipation is definitely there.