New App Encourages More People to Volunteer

Just in time for good-willed new year’s resolutions, there is an app to help you volunteer.

Pandemic Situation

Poverty has never been worse than it currently is due to the economic ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic. With many made redundant, a record-breaking number of people were sleeping rough by the end of 2020. Recent statistics show that 1.9 million people used a food bank last year and that 14.3 million people in the UK are in poverty. With the pandemic encroaching on 2021, the amount of people in need of help is ever-growing.

New Year’s Resolutions

When entering a new year, many like to take stock of the previous year and form resolutions. For many, this is more commitment to philanthropy and charity. Yet, the key with new year’s resolutions is setting small, actionable goals. Luckily, Komorabi app can set you up with bite-sized volunteering tasks in your community allowing you to devote yourself to charity, whatever your time frame. The tasks are posted by charities and you are matched depending on your location, time frame and interests.

A Kinder World

This free app is the first step in creating a kinder world. Komorabi founder and CEO, Maria Lazar, built the app after moving to London and finding it difficult to access volunteering opportunities.

“I set up Komorabi almost three years ago with the mission to integrate acts of kindness into our everyday lives. Volunteering can place a lot of requirements on people – and while they are often very necessary – sometimes it’s just not possible to get a DBS check, or commit to one day a week, or travel an hour to volunteer. With the app, you can give as little, or as much time as you like. Basically, anyone and everyone can volunteer, and it’s going to totally change how we approach volunteering.”

Volunteer to Suit You

Whether you have 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 4 hours, there is a charitable task for you. They are also matched to you based on your charitable interests including the environment, children’s welfare, elderly or vulnerable people, or education. With the matter of Coronavirus and lockdowns, some of the activities can be done from the comfort of your own home. The idea is that once restrictions are lifted, you can join others and meet new people whilst simultaneously helping people in your local community.