The Kindest Moments of 2020 According to Social Media

It is easy to dwell on the bad moments of 2020 (let’s be honest, there have been a few). However, in the spirit of Christmas we reveal the kindest moments across social media this year.

2020’s Kindest Moments

Kind Snacks has carried out a social media analysis to show that 2020 was not all bad. In fact, across the UK there were peak moments of kindness over the 12 months, showcased by their ‘Kind Curve’ Index. The index shows how the nation has come together at key events throughout 2020 demonstrating remarkable acts of kindness. They hope that this wave of kindness will play on into the new year.

The Nation’s Kindness

Surveying Brits’ tweets from across the year, the index has revealed that moments such as Marcus Rashford’s End Child Food Poverty campaign, Clap for Carers and Captain Tom’s 100 laps all significantly swung online chat for the better. Inspired by these remarkable acts of selfless kindness, Twitter users took to the platform to note their thanks and share the acts of kindness displayed by their communities this year. Marcus Rashford and Captain Tom significantly increased kindness online (43% and 21% respectively).

Could This Be the Kindest Year?

The peak of kindness, surprisingly, was at the brink of lockdown; 750,247 kind tweets were posted on the 17th March when plans to tackle Coronavirus were announced. This date saw a 73% uplift in kind tweets compared to just three days before, showing just how the nation came together to support and guide each other in response to the news.

What’s more, the data revealed that despite the challenges 2020 has brought, it has been one of the kindest yet – the number of kind tweets posted rose by a staggering 132% this year compared to 2019, with two weeks of the calendar year still remaining.

Partnership with CALM

These findings come just in time to mark the launch of KIND Snack’s partnership with suicide prevention charity, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Through this collaboration beginning in 2021, KIND Snacks will be making a 5p donation for every pack sold in WH Smith, who will be matching the donation, and Tesco at the start of the year to support CALM’s life-saving work. A cause that sits at the very heart of the KIND Snacks brand, the partnership will support KIND Snack’s ongoing efforts to champion the importance of exercising kindness given its mental health benefits of boosting confidence, happiness and optimism.