New Dating App Feature To Combat Superficiality

Badoo launches brand new clips feature to combat dating superficiality and more accurately assess compatibility with video.


The Power of the Video Date


Thanks to lockdown, singletons have realised the power of the video date and it looks like it’s here to stay as Badoo research found that half (50%) find it difficult to showcase their personality through just photos alone on their dating profile.

4 in 5 daters say seeing someone via video would help them better assess compatibility with over half (56%) saying this is because they find it too easy to be superficial when judging someone by an image. 86% also admit that seeing someone via video would make them more likely to date someone they might have previously rejected when basing compatibility on photos.

To help daters better showcase their personality and help facilitate meaningful connections, dating app Badoo has launched ‘Clips’ – a brand-new feature that gives its users the option to record 15-second videos in response to a number of fun, pre-selected questions.


Showcase Your Personality


Designed to encourage users to let their personality shine through, the new ‘Clips’ feature allows daters to express themselves while adding an additional layer of security and authenticity to the app.

When creating a ‘Clip’ on Badoo, daters select prompts from a wide range of pre-selected questions from ‘What’s your biggest irrational fear?’ to ‘What’s your signature dish?’. Once the dater is happy with the Clip, the video can be added to their profile, giving daters the chance to get to know a prospective partner on a deeper and more authentic level.


Creating Meaningful Connections


Badoo will drive more visibility to users who have uploaded ‘Clips’ to their profile, to help improve the chance of meaningful connections being made. It also helps to ensure that the profile being viewed is genuine, as users are seeing the person as well as their profile, providing additional reassurance when it comes to a potential match.

Based on data from existing Badoo members, the most popular questions include:

  • Which celebrity would most want to date you?
  • What’s your go-to karaoke song?
  • What would you do in the zombie apocalypse?
  • What would you do if you won a million dollars right now?

Natasha Briefel, brand marketing director at Badoo UK said: “A key piece of feedback we get from our Badoo community is that it can sometimes be difficult to know who the real person behind the dating profile is. This is why we have worked with our members to develop Clips, a feature that allows daters to convey their quirks and charms that can often be missed over written text. It’s these nuances that we want daters to be able to get across, so they can find a more meaningful connection.”

Safety is a priority, so any videos which are not in line with Badoo’s community guidelines will be removed. When viewing ‘Clips’, daters are also able to report any inappropriate content and block the profile.