New Survey Reveals Nation’s Worst Lockdown Habits

What are the nation’s worst lockdown habits? New research by hard seltzer brand DRTY reveals that Brits may be taking their dirty lockdown habits in to the ‘new normal’.

Lazy Lockdown

No need for a commute and no 6AM alarm saw Brits take a more laid-back approach during lockdown. Waking up later than normal tops the list of new habits (33.7%), with constant snacking close behind (31.2%). Hygiene is taking a back seat, with over a quarter (26.5%) of the nation admitting to wearing an outfit for more than two days running. That means that right now there are nearly 18 million Brits wearing dirty clothes. If that wasn’t dirty enough, nearly a fifth (18.1%) admit to showering less regularly!

Drinking More

When it comes to boozing, it seems like lockdown is encouraging people to get lively, with 25 per cent of Brits admitting to drinking more regularly and just under a fifth (14%) admitting to cracking open a bottle earlier in the day. The usual ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ are now a thing of the past!

Loungewear is the New Suit

We say goodbye to a suit and tie as over a tenth of Brits (11.6%) prefer working in their pyjamas, and nearly a tenth (8%) swapped their desks for a sofa or working from their bed. 3 % of the nation even admit to taking work calls on the toilet (hopefully not zoom calls!). Bed seems to be the firm favourite during lockdown; further research shows that we are getting an average of 18 minutes more sleep per night. That means an extra two hours of sleep per week, and since lockdown began it’s the equivalent of an extra 44 hours of rest.

The ‘New Normal’

These new habits are not going anywhere fast. Nearly 70 per cent (68.7%) of people admitted that they have continued their pattern of strange behaviour as we move into the ‘new normal’. People have come to terms with their dirty lockdown habits and just over a third (36%) of people feel shameful about these new behaviours.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings says our new habits are normal and nothing to be ashamed of. She commented that comfort behaviour keeps people sane in times of uncertainty. This can be anything from staying in pyjamas all day to contacting an old flame. She says these little lockdown habits permit us freedom in a time where control is taken away from us. 

Oli Clements, Co-founder of DRTY commented: “We’ve heard plenty about the clean habits Brits have been adopting during lockdown, from home baking to gardening. We wanted to shine a light on the dirtier ones.”