Company: DRTY Drinks

Website: drtydrinks.com

Founder: Oli Clements and Matija Pisk

About the Business

Hard seltzer is undeniably taking the US by storm, with the leading brand worth $1Bn in sales and outselling Bud Lightwiser last summer. As you can imagine, the hard seltzer revolution is now crossing the Atlantic and landing in the UK – with no signs of slowing down. 

DRTY is one of the leading new-brand players in the UK category, launching with two delicious sugar-free flavours: White Citrus and Raspberry Rosé. Both are 4% ABV, zero carbs, zero sugar and less than 90 calories per can.


After an initial launch with Whole Foods in 2019, DRTY is now available to buy online and across hundreds of independent retailers in the UK, including Amazon and Ocado. 

DRTY’s strong online presence has proved hugely attractive to the consumer during lockdown, evidenced through an increase of sales by 500% during the pandemic. 

Driven by their recent success, DRTY plan to expand their range this year to continue being category-disruptors against drinks giants such as Kopperberg, Brewdog and Smirnoff.