90. Delio

Company: Delio

Website: deliogroup.com

Founder: Gareth Lewis and David Newman

Business: Delio is a Cardiff-based startup that creates white label private market technology platforms for financial institutions. Working with the likes of Barclays and ING, the company completed a funding round of £3.3 million with Maven Capital Partners last year.

About Delio

Delio is a Welsh-based Fintech provider, founded by Gareth Lewis and David Newman in 2015.

Creating technology platforms for financial institutions, they raised an initial round of funding of £1 million in December 2017 and name Coutts, ING and Barclays amongst their clients. Delio’s agile and configurable software is enabling private banks, wealth managers, family offices, angel networks, and investment funds, to appeal to the next generation of high net worth investors.

The platform’s processes and tools are helping these organisations enhance their service proposition by allowing clients and advisers to share and access direct, private market investment opportunities internally and across their networks. Institutional investors can deliver full details of investments to their current and potential client base through Delio’s portal, while the system also provides clients with a consolidated view of their investments.

In August 2019, Delio raised £3.3 million through Maven Capital Partners to scale the business internationally across key global financial locations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.