91. Yoto

Company: Yoto

Founders: Ben Drury

Website: yotoplay.com

Business: Screen-free audio platform designed for kids.




About Yoto

Parenting is tough and tougher still with the issue of technological advancements. There is plenty of literature suggesting that screen time can be addictive and damaging. Yoto was born in 2015 from the philosophy that child’s play should be screen-free. It also was inspired by the teachings of Montessori which suggested that children should be autonomous in their play and not dependent on physical objects.

They wanted to give children access to the best stories, music and activities without the necessity of staring at a screen. Yoto also wanted to put the child in the centre of their play and let them control what they were listening to.

From tech experienced founders, the 2020 Yoto now boasts impressive functionality. With three different play modes, stereo sound and Bluetooth connectivity, the technology has come a long way in 4 years. This is paired with an impressive array of children’s audio including classics such as The Gruffalo, The Wind in the Willows and Roald Dahl tales, amongst many others.