Company: FIT SQD

Founders: Greg Gardner

Website: fitsqd.com

Business: Fitness community designed to inspire and motivate




FITSQD is new to the startup scene and launched by Greg Gardner, the self-confessed “guy trying to launch a business during the middle of COVID-19, the global deadly pandemic!” This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In a time that everyone was seeking home workout solutions, FITSQD had the answer.

FITSQD aims to add an element of community to your workout. Its philosophy is that there are many creative and knowledgable individuals, working hard to achieve their fitness goals. They aim to connect people to share these ideas and help others be inspired and motivated. They want to provide a platform providing access to others’ fitness journeys.

With FITSQD, everyone can be a fitness influencer. They encourage keen fitness individuals to join the community, learn from others, and share their creativity. Their philosophy is to inspire, educate and achieve with a huge database of free workouts.