87. ThinkSprint


Company: ThinkSprint 

Founder: Sam Reid and Scott Morrison 

Website: www.thinksprint.com

Business: A platform that connects businesses with experts, helping them to gain valuable feedback on their websites, apps, products and more, all in a matter of days.


About ThinkSprint

Founded in 2016, ThinkSprint enables businesses to analyse, assess and subsequently improve their products, using a combination of machine learning and global crowdsourcing. Through ThinkSprint, users can access hassle-free competitor analysis and get high-quality feedback on the design and user experience of products, all through the platform’s community of leading thinkers.

The company claim that “More than ever brands need faster, more efficient innovation if they’re to keep their customers from defecting to competitors with better products and services. Put simply UX and CX is where to win.”

To help gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively support this need, founders Sam Reid and Scott Morrison (former marketing director at Diesel), spent three years with some of the biggest organisations across the world. Whilst working with these businesses, both Reid and Morrison found that “fast, frictionless access to the very best minds” is crucial in driving success for a product, consumer testing simply not going far enough to solve some of the more complex challenges.

Upon discovering this insight, the ThinkSprint founders have designed an online platform that gives users access to valuable, actionable insight, combining this trusted knowledge with AI to accelerate learning and research.