86. Luxurious Look


Company: Luxurious Look

Founder: Mark Readman

Website: luxuriouslook.co.uk

Business: An eCommerce hair and beauty retailer, providing high-quality Haircare ‘solutions’ to customers.


About Luxurious Look

Luxurious Look was founded in 2013 as an eCommerce hair and beauty retailer. Following its recent purchase in January 2020 (the website, assets and stock coming in at £20k) Luxurious Look was then relaunched with the mission to provide high quality Haircare ‘solutions’ to customers, whatever their hair type.

Since the relaunch, Luxurious Look has seen some impressive growth, achieving £36k in April and £63k in May under this year’s new ownership – a significant improvement compared to previous years, which turned over an average £10k per month.

Given the sales growth, new owner Mark Readman wants to hit £500k in revenue in 2020, this being 5 times what was achieved under the previous ownership. Going into 2021, the startup hopes to hit the £1.5M to £2M revenue range.


Putting the Customer First

Being a growing name in the industry, Luxurious Look are in constant contact with customers, and shape the range of products around their wants and needs.

The startup are also determined to change the levels of service associated with competitors in the beauty industry. You don’t have to scroll through many social media posts to see customers complaining, desperately seeking some sort of answer to where their order is? When they can have their money back? Or can someone simply reply to my email!

At Luxurious Look, things are different. Looking after customers is the only priority in the business – monitoring orders and proactively contacting customers to advise of any delays. This has been particularly difficult through the COVID-19 situation as couriers were less and less reliable but the startup didn’t give up, and came through without a single customer complaint.

Luxurious Look have even tried to take things further with ‘random acts of kindness’ for customers – freebies or birthday gifts. The company claim:

“At Luxurious Look we know that every order placed is one less order with a competitor and that’s how we plan to change the industry, making sure customers are looked after one order at a time.”