85. ADWConnect

Company: ADWConnect

Website: adwconnect.com

Founder: Ben Moses & Benjamin Albert

Business: ADWConnect are a telecoms provider who also offer IT support for a range of companies.


About ADWConnect

ADWConnect have had to work hard to forge a name for themselves in a very established and well-known industry. However, thanks to a large community in their local area and their continuous networking, they are overcoming that challenge and are continuing to grow each year. The increased needs of companies for connectivity and telephony services have, in recent times allowed the company to grow continuously and consistently.

Recently, ADWConnect have been guiding businesses through the tough times thrown up by the coronavirus crisis by recommending software and various systems for working remotely. These include a phone system that works at home, a complimentary app that pairs your mobile to the desk-phone. ADWConnect have also been supporting companies by installing and explaining how to use various programmes on the computer, all designed to assist with remote working.