Plant 10,000 Trees in 10 Days with Ecosia & Insight Timer

Ecosia’s new collaboration with meditation app Insight Timer aims to help combat climate anxiety.

10,000 Trees in 10 Days

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, is teaming up with the world’s number one free meditation app Insight Timer to launch a free climate anxiety meditation challenge that aims to plant 10,000 trees in just 10 days.

Climate Anxiety

Climate anxiety is on the rise, with The Lancet recognising that the climate crisis could precipitate new psychological conditions and worsen existing mental illnesses, especially amongst young people. Ecosia and Insight Timer have created this new challenge, launching on Earth Day, to help people find ways to manage their eco-anxiety and provide actionable takeaways to focus their concerns.

The Challenge

Participants will have a chance to connect action to impact, with Ecosia pledging to plant a tree in honor of every user that reaches each of three meditation milestones within the challenge, up to a goal of 10,000 trees.

  • The 10-day challenge features daily 10-minute courses with a different focus and an action to carry out such as volunteering

  • For each meditation milestone completed e.g meditate for three days, Ecosia will plant one tree per person, up to a goal of 10,000 trees

  • The challenge is designed to help people make a place for themselves as part of the solution

  • The challenge will start on Earth Day, Thursday 22 April

  • A number of surprise celebrity live sessions will take place during the challenge, alongside meditations with popular instructors like Sarah Blondin and Lalah Delia

  • Comedian Russell Brand, who will host an Earth Week guided meditation on Insight Timer, will also be contributing to the tree planting goal during the 10 days

  • Ecosia and Insight Timer are both ethical tech companies, with a focus on people, planet, and privacy over profits



The content has been created by Ecosia’s editorial lead together with Ro Randall, a psychotherapist researching and writing on climate change. The course is led by writer and wellness educator Lalah Delia, with music composed by Canadian composer Garth Stevenson who is well known for his Music Meditation Hikes. View the challenge at

Hannah Wickes, Chief Marketing Officer of Ecosia, said: “We know climate anxiety is escalating with people feeling overwhelmed about what needs to be done to save the planet. This innovative partnership with Insight Timer allows people to practice meditation and mindfulness whilst also contributing to climate action through planting trees with Ecosia. The climate crisis isn’t going to be solved overnight but everyone can take meaningful steps to contribute to the fight for our planet.”