Quick-To-Deploy Weather Shelters To Protect Social-Distanced Queues

A new semi-permanent and modular weather shelter system that requires no planning permission. DASH has been launched by Dale Office Interiors, the North’s leading commercial interior design company.

The shelters, which are modular and can be installed at any length, have been specifically designed to protect customers in extended social-distanced queues from inclement weather.

Unlike other temporary canopies, DASH shelters, composed of a galvanised steel structure, concrete weights and an aluminium composite roof are built to withstand high winds and can therefore be left in place for extended periods as if permanent, without the need to seek planning permission.

David Bricknell, MD of Dale Office Interiors, says: “They say the British love a good queue. While I’m not sure that’s really true, most people have approached these long, socially distanced lines that extend way outside our supermarkets and non-essential shops with a stiff upper lip.

“However, lockdown has occurred during an uncommonly hot and dry Spring, and it’s not too much of a chore to stand around in the sunshine.  Things are changing as we move into another classic British Summer and people will be less inclined to wait outside in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, most temporary canopies are not robust enough to be left outside for any length of time, and permanent structures require planning permission and social distancing rules may change by the time they can be built!

“That’s why we launched DASH. COVID-19 has rocked our economy, so we hope that, in a small way, DASH will support businesses and prevent customers turning away from stores when it’s raining and they see a long, un-sheltered queue.”