Meet Reeve Benaron, Co-CEO and Founder of Intrivo: HealthTech Fighting COVID-19

Intrivo is a US-based health technology company who developed an AI test-to-tracing COVID-19 solution, which combined COVID-19 testing with outstanding population management technology, to save millions of lives in the US over the last three years.

Intrivo developed their Diagnostics as a Service (Daas) COVID-19 technology system to help achieve COVID-19 testing and tracing at-scale across North America, serving customers from Federal and State governments to large employers, to healthcare systems, to the leading retailers, all the way to individuals everywhere. The quality of the Intrivo COVID-19 tech system and the launch of their On/Go rapid COVID-19 self-test brand, saw Intrivo awarded $109.8 million worth of funding from the US Government to roll-out testing across the US.

Today Intrivo’s tests and supporting technology has seen the On/Go brand become the number-1 rated FDA-approved COVID-19 self-test for ease of use and quality in the US. The man behind Intrivo, Reeve Benaron, Founder and Co-CEO of Intrivo,  speaks to TechRound.

What Do You Think Makes Intrivo and On/Go Unique?

Reeve Benaron said: “For me, it is the impact we have had on the lives of millions of people in the US. It has been my proudest achievement to have been a part of the Intrivo team.”

“Our On/Go Covid-19 self-test, since being launched in October 2021, has helped save countless lives across the US, attained No #1 status for self-tests by independent agencies, received $109.8 million worth of funding in US contracts for delivery of roll-out, and has even extended to Intrivo supporting the emergency health situation in Ukraine.”

So, what makes On/Go testing stand out from the other options in the US market? Reeve Benaron says: “The On/Go testing system comes with an app, which gives the user instructions for every step of the process. Because On/Go provides an end-to-end test and trace population management solution, it’s ideal for businesses and employers who need to plan ahead. Data and analytics provided by us can help employers get the jump on a situation that could otherwise mean shutdowns.

“To offer this solution, we developed our own proprietary tech that we call Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS). The platform collects and stores test results, and then automatically analyses the data so that users have the best possible information at their fingertips. And it’s the same idea for families and individuals, just on a much smaller scale. The app connects the test result into readable real time data allowing people to plan ahead and keep everyone safe. There are lots of very user-friendly add-ons, such as an easily shareable health passport.”

How Has The Company Evolved Over The Last Few Years?

Reeve Benaron said: “Our vision of being at the forefront of disease prevention and disease control in the US has remained the same. However collectively there have been lessons learnt on pandemics that need carrying forward by WHO and world governments.”

“In terms of our product and services, we evolved and expanded the initial testing service very quickly. We supplemented the initial testing solution by the launch of our 2Gather platform in late December 2021. This was one of the first test-and-tech solution for events, of all sizes, and expanded our testing provision to those organisations who were looking to have their people back together safely.”

Reeve Benaron further added: “On/Go went from strength to strength. We launched an Advanced Care Toolkit in February 2022 which was an empathetically driven support solution offering guidance and resources for those users who test positive for COVID-19 via On/Go. We then launched what we call On/Go One in March 2022, which is a portable, palmable test that users can take with them anywhere (it fits right into your pocket).”

What Can We Hope To See From Intrivo in The Future?

Personally, there is still a long way to go to get COVID-19 under control in the US and free COVID-19 testing programmes will fade (US government initiatives will no longer be around when the official US health emergency for COVID-19 ends in May). However, we will also be working closely with international partners and governments to learn the lessons from the pandemic – how do we better track trending health issues in real time and respond to them before they are an issue? That will be Intrivo’s focus.

About Reeve Benaron: Co CEO Reeve Benaron is the co founder a of Intrivo and On/Go. He is also a prominent figure in the advertising technology industry, as the founder and Chairman of AUDIENCEX (who are a leading digital advertising partner) and AX Venture Partners (who look out for future industry leaders). Early in his career, VP Reeve was the Vice President at Salomon Smith Barney Holdings (making him one of the youngest vice presidents in the US at the time). Reeve studied Finance and Economics at The University of San Diego and is a successful entrepreneur / early stage investor.