GlobMed – Bringing Global Healthcare to the UK

An ambitious new healthcare initiative launched today in London aiming to provide more medical options to millions of UK patients. GlobMed, which coins itself as a ‘global healthcare manager’ will provide high quality, tailored solutions and care for UK patients, on demand.

Under the safety and supervision of the GlobMed network, with access to the best private regulated healthcare clinics, professionals and specialists, GlobMed’s primary aim is to offer an affordable choice to UK patients.


Private Healthcare ‘a Niche Area’

Private healthcare in the UK has remained a niche area over the years and remains tiny in comparison to European nations where private options are abundant. Competition for patients has incentivised private operators to maintain the highest standards of care and customer satisfaction across Europe.

With a market size of over £269 billion in the UK in 2020, private healthcare in the UK is set to grow exponentially with online solutions and new technologies rapidly catching up to serve unmet demand. GlobMed, although tech enabled, maintains the traditional patient doctor relationship, and focuses on specialists and sophisticated and higher value procedures and treatments.

From fertility clinics in Spain to expert hair transplant clinics in Turkey and world-leading orthopaedic care and joint replacements in the UK, GlobMed’s strategy is to expand the network of healthcare to wherever it is done best at the best value, without compromising the fundamentals of safety and high-quality patient care, whilst abiding by the UK NHS’ seven pillars of clinical governance.

Take the Stress Out of the NHS

However, it is well documented that NHS patients in the UK are waiting longer than ever before for treatment and operations. Most have no alternative as private healthcare is unaffordable and now seen as only available to the very wealthy, with approximately 10 per cent of the population having private health insurance.

Seeing an opportunity to take the stress out of the NHS by providing healthcare options for those able to pay for affordable treatment, prompted two entrepreneurs and a doctor to launch GlobMed.

The GlobMed initiative relies on a network of world class private clinics and specialists throughout Europe under the supervision and support of a UK medical and operational team, subsequently bringing Global Healthcare to UK patients for the first time ever.

“A Future in Which Every Patient Can Access the Best Quality Healthcare”

Dr Matt Archer, non-executive co-founder of GlobMed said on its launch:

“With the arrival of Covid-19 a perfect storm has been created exposing huge vulnerabilities in public healthcare systems across the globe and beyond the UK. We believe medical expertise is best found globally, and so we strive towards a future in which every patient can access the best quality healthcare whenever they need.

“From UK based assessments, test and pre-op procedures all the way through travel, finance, logistics and aftercare, GlobMed is here to make Global Healthcare seamless – utilising existing expertise and infrastructure, wherever it is done best.”

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