Startup Profile: GlobMed – A Global Healthcare Manager

Company Name: GlobMed

Founded: 2020




GlobMed was founded in 2021 amidst the coronavirus pandemic which was at the time, sweeping through much of the world at pace. GlobMed is the world’s first ever ‘global healthcare manager,’ connecting people around the world with world-leading healthcare treatments and services.

With the UK alone having an NHS waiting list of over 6 million (as of February 2022) and rising, GlobMed and its founders are working towards creating and implementing a global healthcare network that connects patients with the best care for their specific conditions and illnesses. GlobMed is currently in the process of building and establishing the GlobMed board, to be revealed in 2022.


Most global private healthcare systems around the world face the challenge that they have excess capacity in some areas, with excess demand in others.

This has presented a unique opportunity for GlobMed; being able to link and connect excess healthcare demand in one country with the excess capacity in a country with world-leading care for the same condition or medical discipline.

GlobMed is initially setting up to offer world-class healthcare in four distinct areas of healthcare:

  • Fertility
  • Orthopaedics
  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetics

All of these disciplines and areas of healthcare in the UK have long waiting lists for both NHS and private care, and GlobMed is working to relive at least some of the pressure that the NHS has faced over the past few years as well as the inevitable pressure it is soon to face as the backlog of patients grows further.

The GlobMed vision is that every single person in the world and every single patient, no matter where they may be should be able to access the best healthcare services for their specific neds and requirements.

GlobMed’s ultimate aim is to have a global healthcare network of the best medical and healthcare professionals in the world, a network that will democratise healthcare and mean that no one is unable to access the best healthcare for their needs, with geography being no limitation to healthcare.

A representative of GlobMed told TechRound: “Geography and location should never mean any person cannot access the best healthcare and medical experts in the world. We at GlobMed are working harder than ever to build the world’s first global healthcare system and network, that will connect patients around the world with the best healthcare professionals, treatments and providers. The GlobMed vision is to connect excess demand in one place with excess capacity in another, improving health outcomes for patients everywhere, something only exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.”