Revealed: The Nation’s Favourite Office Snack

It’s official: the UK votes chocolate digestives as the best office snack in a nationwide poll.

The Nation’s Most-Loved Office Snack

The chocolate digestive has been crowned the most-loved office snack in a nationwide poll, whilst Graze boxes have been ranked the worst work-time snack.

The digestive was a favourite for over half (57%) of the country, seeing off stiff competition from the likes of Hula Hoops (43%) and Kit Kats (42%), who also came high on the list of work-time treats.

The all-important study, by furniture suppliers, Furniture At Work asked 1,000 office workers and ran social media polls to create definitive tiers of biscuits, crisps and other office snacks. But do you agree?

What Snack Is The Least Popular With Brits? 

Bounties were named one of the least popular snacks, as well as Snickers and Mars Bars. It may come as a surprise to some that Quavers, Wotsits and Nik Naks also joined them in the lowest tier.

The top-tier is made up of many familiar choices like Dairy Milk, Walkers crisps and Jaffa Cakes. Making up the mid-tier, McCoys, Bourbons and Monster Munch are less popular amongst workplace snackers.

According to the data, the top five office snacks were Chocolate Digestives (57%), Hula Hoops (43%), Kit Kats (42%), Fruit (25%) and Doritos (23%).

Conversely, the worst office snacks were Graze boxes and nuts, both at a measly 3%. Close behind were Space Raiders (6%), Wotits (7%) and Nik Naks (7%).

Helping us delve into the reasons why snacking in the office is so common, Furniture At Work spoke to Professor in Health Psychology, Jane Ogden.

She said: “Snacking goes hand-in-hand with making the working day more fun. It serves many functions and can help the day pass by more easily. First, snacking can act as punctuation to mark the passing of time; it can reflect a mid-morning treat or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

“Snacking is also a break from work if it involves popping to the kitchen and can justify time away from your desk to socialise. A snack is the excuse, and a chat is the reward.”