SBLOB Set to Reshape the Digital Landscape of Social Media

SBLOB, a cross social network newsfeed launched in 2017 is changing the digital landscape of social media. With 3 billion active users and millennials spending almost 3-4 hours over 8-9 applications, SBLOB allows users to see social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, Patreon and Shopify on one platform.

SBLOB brings scattered content from various mediums onto one newsfeed allowing content creators to have a platform with a consolidated audience. SBLOB ensures that the audience will be notified of new content which will not be lost in digital space as traffic on other medium systematic decreases for them.

A free aggregation tool, SBLOB allows integration of both e-commerce and social media feeds onto one newsfeed. This allows users to diversify their audiences and independently control potential revenue streams on the portal.

SBLOB offers tangible data on conversion rates of digital marketing spend to sales through its platform benefiting both brands and contents creators. By incorporating both social media and e-commerce on one platform, SBLOB offers a digital trace on traffic from one feed to other allowing creators to understand what is working with the audience for sales and viewership.

Marisa Teh, co-founder of SBLOB saw this gap in the digital media landscape today and the reduced exposure to content audiences subscribes to on various social media platforms. With a background in revenue management & new venture development in corporations such a Pepsi, Philips and Diageo, Teh’s experience gives her an understanding of the needs of consumers, brands and content creators.

On the launch of SBLOB, Marisa Teh said, “We wanted to develop a platform that allows people to bring all their favourite content into one place. The consolidation of content and audiences into one space allows consumers to see what they want to see not only what is shown to them. We wanted to revolutionise how content is being consumed and put it back in the hands of the audiences and content creators. SBLOB is set to empower content creators who can reach out to desired audiences creating communities bound by shared philosophies, ideas and talents”.

SBLOB currently supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, Patreon and Shopify and will be adding more social media networks to the platform.