Searches for ‘Sustainable Companies’ Peaked at their Highest Point this Year for Five Years

With COP27 now underway and climate change at the forefront of many minds, feel-good PR agency Lem-uhn reveals that in 2022 global searches for ‘sustainable companies’ peaked at their highest point for five years. The company believes that an increasing number of individuals want to work for companies that are committed to sustainability.

As awareness of the need for more sustainable work practices continues to grow, Lem-uhn reveals that Singapore and Ireland are the regions that search the most for ‘sustainable companies’ with individuals in New Zealand and Sri Lanka following closely behind in third and fourth place. The UK places sixth with British internet users also highly likely to search for this term.


RankRegion Searching for ‘Sustainable Companies’
3New Zealand
4Sri Lanka
5United Arab Emirates
6United Kingdom


Globally, environmentally friendly initiatives to cut back on waste and reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to gain momentum. A recent Deloitte study surveying Gen Z and Millennial individuals found that most Gen Z and Millennial employees want to see businesses implementing a range of highly visible measures to support climate change mitigation. These measures include banning single-use plastics in the workplace and stepping up training for employees on how they can make a positive day-to-day impact on the environment whilst at work.


Sofia Leadbetter, Account Manager at Lem-uhn added:

“As a young person who’s in between the Millennial and Gen Z generations, climate change is a major concern for me and I often worry about what the future has in store for the planet. As well as knowing about day-to-day changes that we can all make in our personal lives to tackle climate change, it’s reassuring to know that my employers are equally committed to the cause and are taking tangible steps to reduce our carbon footprint as a business.”



Now in its second year, Lem-uhn is a carbon-neutral agency that was created to provide a happier type of work environment for staff and clients alike. The company is on track to achieve net-zero status by 2030 and to date, it has already offset more than 10.4 tonnes of CO2.


Founder and Managing Director of Lem-uhn, Riannon Palmer commented:

“As a planet, we face an urgent climate crisis and it’s up to all of us to drive positive change as we set out to reduce the harmful effects of climate change. At Lem-uhn we are committed to carbon neutrality and it is why we continue to offset all of our carbon emissions every month to support climate-friendly projects, tree-planting initiatives and plastic recycling schemes. With rising interest in carbon-offsetting companies and more and more Gen Zs entering the workplace, it is imperative that business leaders respond to the growing concerns about climate change and make sure that their actions speak louder than words.”


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