Shop The Look With eBay’s New AI Fashion Assistant Feature

eBay has launched “shop the look,” an AI-powered feature that customises fashion suggestions for each user. “It’s an immersive carousel of looks, tailored to our customers’ shopping history,” eBay announced, promising a blend of inspiration and personalisation in shopping.

The feature is a new face in personalising online shopping, moving beyond generic recommendations to offer selections that mirror the user’s unique style journey. Incorporating interactive hotspots introduces a dynamic way for users to explore fashion, transforming browsing into an active discovery process. Also, the inclusion of both new and pre-owned items within suggestions caters to a wide range of fashion tastes and sustainability concerns.


How Does It Enhance the Shopping Experience?

eBay’s “shop the look” understands users’ current preferences and their evolving styles. This experience and feature, combined with eBay’s circular fashion economy initiatives, enhances the shopping experience to one that is both personalised and conscious of sustainability. “This feature acts as a bridge between aspiration and ownership, enabling users to visualise future wardrobe possibilities,” explains Raul Romero, product manager at eBay.

Users are invited to see how potential wardrobe additions would integrate with their existing collections, making the sshopping experience both aspirational and practical.

  • The feature’s adaptive nature reflects an understanding of fashion as an evolving personal statement, suggesting eBay wants to grow with its users.
  • It enables users to visualise future wardrobe possibilities and make more informed purchase decisions.
  • eBay values sustainability as much as style, encouraging users to buy and sell within a responsible fashion ecosystem.



Who Can Access “Shop the Look”?

Initially available to eBay’s iOS users in the US and UK, “shop the look” targets a fashion-forward audience eager for a curated online shopping experience:

  • The phased rollout showcases eBay’s approach to enhancing user experience, ensuring a broad impact.
  • Targeting users with a history of fashion engagement demonstrates a tailored approach to personalisation, prioritising active fashion enthusiasts for this innovative shopping experience.
  • The potential expansion into other categories signals eBay’s ambition to redefine the online shopping experience across its platform, indicating a shift in how consumers engage with various product types.


Why Is This Feature Important?

Through “shop the look,” eBay showcases its pioneering spirit in online retail, mixing AI with ethical considerations to create shopping experiences that are both personal and responsible. “We’re excited for our customers to experience shop the look and discover a new way to browse that’s as unique as they are,” states the eBay team. This is a very exciting initiative and the fashion world should expect an innovative tool for their shopping experiences.


How Is eBay Making Sure Of Responsible AI Use?

In developing “shop the look,” eBay has placed a strong emphasis on responsible AI practices. The feature was created in close collaboration with eBay’s Responsible AI team, adhering to the company’s RAI Principles. This partnership promises to deploy technology that is fair, safe, and free from unintended consequences.

“As with all our AI-powered innovations, ‘shop the look’ has been developed in close collaboration with our Responsible AI team and RAI Principles,” eBay mentioned.