Sm-ART Offers Art Masterpieces for Tokenised Investment

Sm-ART NFT offers modern art masterpieces by Gabriel Dean Roberts for tokenised investment.


Modern Art Masterpieces for Everyone


Sm-ART NFT – the first platform of its kind to allow anyone, including the small investor, to buy, sell and take advantage of part ownership of fine works of art, sculptures and luxury jewellery using fractional tokens – is offering the chance for investors to purchase fractional shares in modern art masterpieces by Gabriel Dean Roberts.

Interdisciplinary artist Gabriel Dean Roberts is a fine art photographer living in New York City who uses a classical and naturalistic approach to capture his subjects. He takes his inspiration from Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Gerome, focusing on flowers and accentuating their glory to instil a sense of awe and humility in their characteristics. His work has been published in Vogue and Vice and featured at MOMA PS1 and Superchief Gallery NFT in New York as well as Noon gallery in Brussels, Belgium. He has sold more than 160 NFTs since offering his artwork for fractional shares in March 2021.

Investors interested in part ownership of Gabriel Dean Roberts’ work have three masterpieces to choose from: Rex Manes, Exultant Iridis and Trillum Novus. Asset tokens are available to purchase from $50.


Purchase Fractional Shares


Sm-ART NFT allows investors to purchase fractional shares in high value and unique items via blockchain ownership. Assets are fractionalised using the ERC20 protocol. These fractions can then be bought and re-sold on the platform or other platforms, including OpenSea. 

Digital representations of the assets are created as NFTs and listed for purchase on the website through blockchain technology and asset tokens proving percentage ownership. Asset tokens can be purchased using one of a range of cryptocurrencies in accordance with the seller’s requirements. All tokens representing asset share are compliant with the Ethereum ERC20 standard.


Danny Sangha, co-founder and CTO of Sm-ART NFT, said:

“Gabriel Dean Roberts’ latest pieces are exquisite examples of modern photography that will captivate, delight and inspire viewers. We are delighted to be offering his work for fractional ownership and offering investors the chance to obtain a share of his stunning masterpieces. 

“Owning high value items outright is a dream for many people, but with Sm-ART NFT, this can become a reality and allows those with an interest in fine art and luxury items the opportunity to not only make a beautiful investment in terms of financial appreciation, but also to co-own something that is visually spectacular.” 


Gabriel Dean Roberts added:

“When I first understood what Sm-ART was doing with, not only digital artwork, but physical works of art, I was absolutely thrilled to take part. It is my belief that Sm-ART will be one of the primary leaders in driving an entirely new industry that will both preserve historical treasures and expand the ability for modern artists to thrive.”